University Wear With A Hint Of Glamour

As 2020 entered in a different and completely unprecedented style – the lockdowns it followed have now began to simmer down.

Thankfully, it seems there is hope for life to become normal again.

While our face masks and sanitizer bottles are a must-have wherever we go, we have to begin prepping for our regular activities that may resume any time soon.

This means, breaks over – and its time for university, again.

Fortunately, since we get to choose our own fashion styles when in university – we can finally invoke the inner fashionista that we had to calm during the lockdown period.

Bring all fashion elements into the game and thrust them into your university wear.

Let’s have a look at some of the comfortable yet chic wear you can don to your university – with a hint of glitz and glamour of course!

The Midi Dress with Floral Earrings

Even though it says it is the fall semester, it certainly doesn’t mean the weather has gotten cold. Which means you certainly shouldn’t keep your midi dresses deep in the back of your wardrobes just yet.

For those who are unaware of what a midi dress is – it is a dress that goes beyond the knee but remains above the ankle; sort of like a mid-length. This is also a dress most of us have in our wardrobes – yet somehow many of us wouldn’t have known what it was called.

Well, now you know what a midi dress is, and how it makes for perfect university wear.

This is because it is:

  • Just the right length
  • Loose and air – perfect in this weather
  • Truly fashionable

To up your fashion game this semester; go for a floral midi dress in bright hues, and pair it with gorgeous floral earrings.

Need some inspiration?

Have a look at this beautiful midi dress in blue. Casual and comfortable and certainly not over-the-top, the dress can easily qualify as stunning university wear. Pair it with these flora gold earrings with a green center – to bring contrasting shades in your look.

Casual Tee with Trendy Pendant

If you are not too excited for dresses – do not worry. There are multiple other options for university looks, especially funky, casual tees.

After bingeing on a number of Netflix series the entire quarantine, you might have gotten used to wearing your t-shirts and pj’s.

While pajamas might not classify as appropriate university wear, nobody says no to casual tees.

Wear trendy ones with cartoon characters or bold slogans. Or opt for plain ones to pair with printed trousers. The sky is the limit to how a casual tee can be styled to appear fashionable and stylish.

Yet, one thing that certainly upgrades your casual tee look is a trendy pendant.

For example, a simple shirt like this can be worn with ripped denims and a gorgeous diamond pendant by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers. Wear the pendant long enough to reach just above your stomach, or have it hung just at your neckline – the choice remains yours.

Solid Shalwar Kameez with Elegant Bangle

Another great option of attire to wear to the university is of course the timeless shalwar kameez.

However, we certainly do not mean those in bold colours and bright hues, or one with loads of sequins and embellishments.

Instead, a great university look this Fall can be a simple and plain kurta shalwar in pastel hues. Go for a baby pink, lilac, beige, or sky blue – there are a plethora of colours to choose from.

However, to style the shalwar kameez; we wouldn’t tell you to go for traditional jewellery like jhumkis or gold necklaces.

Instead, a subtle yet fashionable way to style your clothes without overpowering the attire can be to opt for trendy bangles.

Ditch bright coloured glass or glitter-lined bangles and shift to classic ones instead.

If you like hues of gold against your skin, go for this gorgeous pair of gold bangles by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers. 

Or, if you are not one for gold and prefer something much more subtle against your wrists instead – the platinum odd bangle by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers is another top contender.

Blazer and Pearls

Occasionally, university looks have to be upgraded.

Perhaps you have to give a speech or present a project – and suddenly, you need to appear formal, and well-composed.

This means casual tees are a big NO.

What do you opt for then?

A classic blazer and jeans of course!

There is just something mighty powerful about a woman in a blazer. Suddenly, she becomes the center of attention in every room.

However, a jewel-less blazer look might feel incomplete. Give it its final touches with gorgeous subtle pearls.

Opt for the geometric gold earring depicting the pearl in all its glory, or go for a fancier pearl stud like the classic gold stud earrings instead.  

Haven’t figured out what you are going to wear this Fall semester? It is time to get planning and go shopping!

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