Monsoon Jewellery Trends

The Moisture and humidity levels hit a high during the rainy seasons and this can leave certain of your jewellery at risk of colour changes, more on maintenance can be found below. Monsoons are great for jewellery that come in bright and vibrant colours.

COVID or no COVID – Statement pieces work well. A bright neck piece, a broad bangle or a long earring can be enough to keep you comfortable yet stylish even in wet times. The raindrops in thr air are a lovely shimmer in long earrings.

Below are some simple and effective monsoon jewellery trends:

  • Diamond stud earrings – Diamond are known as timeless and hardest of stones. So choose a pair of delicately small and pretty diamond stud earrings to go-along with your favourite rainy outfit, indoors or out. Look for a simple studs or an elegant earring with floral designs. The diamond studs are also celeb’s all time favourite.

  • Coloured stones – The monsoon season is all about colours – lylacs, blues, pinks, yellows, greens and blooming flowers. It’s an ideal pick for your soft floral dress. You can perfectly wear coloured stone jewellery and make a statement at a video session with friends or a family party. The contemporary colours go perfectly well with a traditional saree or casual fun look. They are a must have pieces in your jewellery box.

  • Drop long earrings & shoulder dusters – A sleek long line diamond drop earring can add elegance to your style. Inspired by floral elements, classic diamond hoops and tear drop shapes these stunning drop earrings are too good to resist. These pieces of jewellery will never let you down, guaranteed to be noticed on your videos.

  • Cocktail rings – Let your hands talk! One more type of style statement jewellery that has the power to steal hearts is a beautifully crafted cocktail ring. Let you beau roll with envy. A thick and solid design with lots of detailing can make you look elegant as well as a true fashion icon. As is your contemporary taste you choose the linear or floral pattern. If you like traditional yellow gold go for minimal diamond flower ring with a twist. The modern and next-gen designs of white gold heat shaped ring with beautiful diamonds work well with a pair of jeans and white shirt. The solid yet simple designs of these cocktail rings are just made for you.  Let your fingers do the talking.

  • Bangle bracelets – Monsoon often comes with trekking plans, now too short treks make a welcome break from lock-downs don’t they? Be it hiking and exploring lots of natural beauty. The green foliage is at its best right now! Our range of bracelets is inspired by our notion of beauty that is simple and stunning. The diamond studded bracelets are best suited for the taste of a modern woman who takes pride in flaunting her real self. It is a choice of a woman who cherish small things in life because of the way they make them feel. These simple bracelets are one of the best monsoon trends. The camp lunch will be great with the lovely flexible, safely clasped Chris Evert styled tennis bracelet.

Unlike any other season the monsoon is here to uplift your spirits. Let’s celebrate this newness with pretty little diamond jewellery.

Explore the elegant range of collection at C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers. To see their exhaustive dossier on care for jewellery visit: Jewellery Care

Author  – Mr Vishwanath Mohan, Gemologist and Jewellery Expert, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers

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