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Traditionally people pierced earlobe of the new born as a ceremony with a get-together, showering the baby with gifts and blessings However the daughter’s first ear piercing is one of the moments that she will treasure forever. With trend and style, women looked at other means apart from clothing and accessories to showcase their individual style statement.

The current young generation has discovered the fun of getting their ears pierced, while created a thrilling experiencing to showcase all the danglers from the earlobe to helix. Keeping up with style quotient at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers the trend setters try to match every tastes and preferences of its clients in designing aspect.

In this article we wish to highlight only a few types of earring and their style statement, from office wear to traditional wear. It is a must that with changing culture and style your jewellery wardrobe should have a few of this pieces –for every outfit and every budget.

Regular Studs sits on the ear lobs with no visible point of connection they appear to be floating on the earlobe and with no dangling elements attached to it. Stud earrings are the most versatile earrings anyone can own.

They sometime feature with a unique stone setting a solitaire or clusters, or in step patterns allowing gems to add sparkle and style to any outfit.

Standard diamond studs are classic pieces of jewel enough to wear every day and also nice enough for dressing up.

These geometric beauties have just as much sparkle and shine, but they’re ideal for those that prefer a more modern silhouette.

The Drops the jewel is so designed that it mostly comprises of two parts, the ear studs with an attachment hanging element appearing connected to the ear lobe, giving a drop look to the piece.

Tear drop earrings an extension of the drop style earring, this design features a hanging part that has the shape of a teardrop.

This design generally consists of Teardrop-shaped stones.

Hoops possessing the look of a geometrical pattern, this circular or semicircular design has open and passes through the ear piercings, without touching the ear lobes.

J-hoops half hoops that form a J or C from the side view with screw at back to hold on to the ear lobes.

Huggies small loops that hug the ear lobe This is a variant of the hoop style earring. They are smaller than hoops and thus barely wrap the earlobes, giving a classy touch to your look.

Danglers take the drop earring design to the next level. The hanging part of the design is constructed in a way that it sways and dangles below the earlobe.

Chandeliers Earrings This limited edition collection design mirrors the shape of a chandelier and might consist of multiple levels of decorations. In some cases, they also give a dangling appearance.

Hook earrings these with thin metal wire at the back slips through the earhole and left to hang down the ear lobe at the back of the ear. The weight of the earring itself is responsible for holding it in place as you go about your daily doings.

Hook earrings are a trendy style of earrings that is comfortable to wear due to its lightweight properties.

Jumkas the umbrella shaped dome with exquisite craftsman-ship is a class of its own blending well with traditional and culture.

A most sought after in ones jewellery wardrobe.

For regular update options and style visit, or visit our nearest showroom and customize your Jewels as desired.

Await the next article to know more about earrings again soon.

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