Uniqueness of Handcrafted Jewel

Since centuries, jewellery has been an essential part of a women wardrobe, that enhances her looks. No matter what the occasion is a simple piece of jewellery will always add that extra something to her beauty. As every woman is unique, so is her dressing sense, some of them would not prefer wearing jewels that are mass-produced and they always want to look different from others.

The option available is then own your personalized, handmade, unique product that are perfect to the needs of your taste that reflect on your handcrafted jewel.

Handmade Jewels!!

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Did you know that you are also helping a small craftsman to pursue his passion which is equally important for us to preserve and promote traditional craftsmanship?

Each one of these handcrafted pieces is deeply rooted to the region they originate from and are windows to its culture and geography. where generations of one family have dedicated themselves to mastering a craft and have lured people from across the world for the sheer brilliance of their handiwork.

Where do you find such craftsman and their specialty?

The most authentic and traditional jewelry making happened at homes and in informal set-ups rather than factories or workshops These jewelry artisans love what they do, which is exhibited in their designs, the care and brainstorming sessions that they undergo to produce only high-quality jewelry, and most importantly unique to the taste of the wearer. Such crafted pieces have their own value since they are handmade. Something their creativity obviously adds originality, and value to every piece of jewel, in this way you are guaranteed that no one else can have an identical design.

So, from this point of view was that C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers employed experiences and skilled craftsmen from across the country to continue with and promote traditional craftmanship and since then has proudly presents many exclusive jewelry which our clients have been wearing on special events and parties. There is no standard “look” for handmade jewelry. Whether it is simple hand-crafted pendant, rings or necklaces with intricate design that may take a day or days, weeks or months, the final product will have all the visibility of his skilled techniques used to finish.

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We would now take a to give a quick look of the advantage of handmade jewellery.

Handmade jewellery helps define the personal style of the people who wear them and complete different looks for different occasions.

Customisation of handmade jewellery as per your design, that match your style, and taste. This style of manufacturing brings out the peculiar characteristics of these designed exclusively for you.

The Unique bonding – that connects an emotional attachment to the products.

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Personality and taste – Positive people always tend to more cheerful, and bright colors. This can be concluded to all the elements of fashion, including handmade jewelry these pieces that are handmade keep a series of properties that make different types of women look at them.

The sentimental attachment – Personalized jewelry arouses attention to a type of woman who wants handmade pieces. Women usually wear them with more casual styles and seek to offer a much more personal, and unique look, which becomes its main charm. And finally, these jewelry designs are unique and sophisticated, made by expert jewellery craftsmen, what makes our creations unique and reflect on our heritage.Thus, the uniqueness of handcrafted jewels makes the wearer distinctive with its unique features that are not expensive but affordable and completely crafted by hand.

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