Top Accessory Trends for Men in 2020

If you think jewellery is only adornment for the woman, think again.

In today’s world, times have changed. Jewellery has made way into the wardrobes and attires of the modern man, and very fashionably so.

Today, if a man wishes to impress and keep up with latest trends, donning the right set of accessories is essential.

Yet – if you are confused of what to buy, we at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers are here to tell you about the latest accessory trends and guide you better on what works.

 Let’s begin with the top men’s accessory trends for 2020:


An accessory style that has been trending for quite some time now, bracelets are a man’s favourite jewels to wear.

However, this season the trend has taken a new turn.

Instead of only wearing the usual leather or beaded bracelet with casual polo shirts and faded denims – the bracelets have gotten the sparkle they so needed.

Introducing themselves to the art of formal wear, street-style bracelets have been given a touch of elegance – turning them into charming platinum ones.

Whether you want to opt for a simple plain platinum bracelet, or add a flavour of royalty to it by infusing gold hues within, the sky is the limit to the number of bracelet styles trending this season and also available at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

Two of my absolute favourites include a crafty chain-linked style bracelet from the Men’s collection and another classic platinum 950 bracelet that is broader for more formal wear instead.

Leather Pendants

A trend especially for the oldie at heart, leather pendants have also been in fashion for long. However, the trends for the fashion-loving man this year include take away beaded leather necklaces or those with multiple stones – to give way to single charm leather pendants instead.

Why leather?

Leather has a certain feel to it. The vibe of a timeless creation and a texture that is smooth to the touch. Its versatility also gives way to the numerous shapes and forms it could take to make a wonderful pendant.

If you want to dawn this year’s leather pendant trend – go for a casual attire with black thread chain and with it dangling a leather pendant of your choosing.

Simple Chains

While wearing a leather pendant appears to the more casual and adventurous side of man, there is another side that needs the right accessory – the formal, and minimalist side.

In such circumstances, a simple metal chain works wonders in accentuating the look. Whether you pair it with a round collar shirt formal shirt, or wear it underneath your favourite t-shirt, a simple, delicate and single-toned chain is the mighty accessory this season. Something like this perhaps from the Man & Mettle Collection by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

The Classic Watch

A timeless accessory (pun intended), a watch is the perfect companion of man for all situations. Whether you are heading to a glamorous party or are dressing to impress one of the members of your board meeting – wear the right watch, and everything falls seamlessly into place.

This year, the watch to don is apparently the Skeleton watch. No, this certainly does not mean a watch that has a skeleton on it. It refers to a watch that acts like a skeleton – whose inner workings can be seen by the naked eye, either from the front glass or the back.

There are different types of skeleton watches. Ones with delicate ‘hands’ that tick with the passing of each moment, to those with various time clocks within a watch – one for the seconds, one as a timer, and the overall big watch displaying the passing of minutes.

Luckily, 2020 seems to be the year of all such watches so you can easily opt for the one that appeals to you. Perhaps an 18Kt gold watch from C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers if you wish for a touch of fancy and a hint of formal.

Cloud Zoom small image

On the other hand, smart watches have also remained in trend due to the increasing love and ease of adaptability they behold. A limited edition Apple Watch of Series 5, with numerous diamonds and 18Kt gold is bound to be another stunner on your hands.

Trendy Cufflinks

A must-have accessory for the gentleman, cufflinks are the make or break for your dress shirts.

Man & Mettle Cufflinks

If you are going to an office meeting, wearing buttoned sleeves won’t make much of a difference. Yet, if you don a pair of the right, classic cufflinks – you are bound to stand out among all. Thankfully, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers has a wide collection of cufflinks. From monochrome to colourful to those posing geometric designs. Choose the one that appeals to you, or buy them all to adorn all of your formal shirts.

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