Top 5 Jewelry Pieces To Accessorize Your Christmas and New Year’s Looks

After a long and exhausting year, the holiday season is finally here to put a smile on all our faces. Aside from the colorful festivities and memorable moments with our family and friends, the best part about the holiday season is the wintery color scheme and cozy fashion. We all see fashion trends for Christmas and New Year’s but what about how to accessorize these festive outfits?  Well, you’re at the right place, because here the top 5 pieces of jewelry to glam up your 2020 Xmas and 2021 New Year’s looks.

Look 1: Layer It On

The quickest and classiest way to add glamour to your holiday look is by layering on a few delicate chain necklaces. This look is simple, timeless, and completely effortless. All you have to do is put on a few thin and dainty chain necklaces of varying lengths and designs and voila! Your outfit instantly has more sophistication and sparkle that’s perfect for Christmas. The great thing about the holiday color scheme is that the deep reds and greens compliment the bright golds and silvers of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers’ jewelry perfectly.

This 22kt gold chain-link necklace and this coral barrel necklace as well as the white gold cross necklace are the perfect picks for the layered look.

Look 2: Underneath the Mistletoe

The mistletoes all around are the most traditionally endearing part of Christmas and it sets the mood for the festivities perfectly, so why not incorporate that into your outfit as well? There couldn’t be earrings more appropriate for Xmas than this pair of gold mistletoe and bell earrings from C. KrishniahChetty Group Of Jewellers. The white gems embedded above the bells as well as the deep red of the clapper of the bells match the color scheme of the season perfectly, making these earrings the ideal accessory to glam up your Christmas look.

Look 3: Gold Statement

A New Year’s or Christmas party outfit is undoubtedly glamorous and classy and it’s no different for the jewelry. The jewelry and accessories for your holiday look should be sparkling and eye-catching in a way that makes it the statement of your ensemble. That’s exactly why this 22kt gold statement necklace is the perfect way to brighten up your Xmas look. At a New Year’s party, pair this elegant necklace with a matching gold dress if you want to turn heads wherever you go. Since Christmas fashion has a darker color scheme, it’s ideal to wear this necklace from C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers on an emerald green velvet dress or a red outfit of your choice.

Look 4: Gleaming Platinum

If you’re wearing an outfit that doesn’t exactly allow you to wear necklaces, such as a boat neckline, but you still want to accessorize your look, worry no more. You can still stack on some of your favorite rings and bracelets as well as a pair of statement earrings to glam up your look. These geometrical platinum earrings have gleaming diamonds and a futuristic design that will be the statement of your ensemble.

Decorate your hands with a few of these dainty platinum bracelets and diamond platinum rings, both of which have gold accents to add a royal finish to your Xmas or New Year’s look.

Look 5: Emerald and Diamond Duo

As we’ve mentioned, Christmas has a truly royal color palette, with deep emeralds, maroons, sparkling whites, golds, and cozy sage. That’s exactly why this pair of emerald and diamond earrings from C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers are the perfect bold statement to go for this holiday season. The royal emerald stone serves as the jaw dropper while the sparkling diamonds all around it are equally as white as the Christmas snow we all love. The glamour of these earrings will make them the main focus of your look, diminishing any need for other jewelry.

Glam Up Your Xmas With Us!

Every Christmas look is incomplete without the glimmer of a statement of a silver necklace or some holiday-themed gold earrings, all of which you can get at C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers. Shop from one of our outlets or online at to sparkle up your Xmas.

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