Two Eras, One Heart – An Exclusive Father’s Day Tête-à-tête

We all are conditioned to look at Father’s Day as a day to make our dad’s feel special? Perhaps, throw them a surprise party. Play a round of golf or reat them to a brunch of their favourite food.

While this perspective is indulgently fed into our psyches by the media and society, it is worth looking at Father’s Day as being a non-linear celebration – a reminder of what dad really means to you, of the impact he delivers (with a bang!), of the doting balanced with direction, and of the struggles & wins that make you both a terrific two.

After all, a father is a father to someone. He is someone’s very special dad. Someone’s superhero and someone’s rock.

In our special feature this Father’s Day, we explore the journey of fatherhood from two dimensions, a wholesome look into the inner workings of a father-son bond. We celebrate the love and energy between our dynamic father-son duo – Dr. C. Vinod Hayagriv, Managing Director, and Chaitanya V Cotha, Executive Director at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers – the enigmatic torchbearers of C. Krishniah Chetty’s grand legacy of six generations…and counting.

As they dabble in a candid exchange of their experiences, stories and deepest thoughts, we see them not as the frontrunners of a heritage business, but as regular people with memories, challenges, dreams and convictions. We catch a glimpse of their reality from their light-hearted conversation and really open up, their retelling of old anecdotes, their building of big visions and their proud moments as a family.

We hear amusing stories about Chaitanya stay in the United States, during which time Vinod received a call from California when someone asking to adopt Chaitanya so he could lead and inherit another family business halfway across the globe! We are warmed by their reminiscing of Chaitanya’s childhood and how Vinod never missed a parent teacher meeting from primary school to high school. How Chaitanya got away with his close friend writing his answers in school exams. We understand how the bond that knits them together breaks generational differences. Vinod takes refuge in Chaitanya’s business counsel in moments of confusion or over analysis.

We find inspiration in Vinod’s advice on life, as Chaitanya recounts his words ‘Once you reach the end of life, what are you going to be remembered for?’ – words of wisdom that have guided his purpose and impacted every sphere of his life. As the dynamic two talk to each other uninhibitedly, we discover their common love and commitment towards the continuity, preservation and progression of 6 generations of the C. Krishniah Chetty legacy.

The tapestry of time unfolds gracefully in their carefree conversations about life. A glimpse into their powerplay as trailblazers in business and innovation; a deep dive into their younger memories that created a lasting impact; a peek into growing up with a legacy and conquering challenges, a look into their proudest moments as father and son, and a beautiful culmination of what lies ahead for the duo as progressive, future-forward visionaries.

This is your sign to make this Father’s Day a little less about the day itself, and a little more about the years that made dad the rock you stand on.

For some inspiration, delve into the chemistry and conversation between C. Krishniah Chetty’s heart-warming father-son duo and watch them bring their contagious energy to your room!

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Here’s to wishing dashing dads around the world the brightest Father’s Day!