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Bracelets are distinct and delicate as they may be perceived. These exceptional pieces speak plenty when resting upon our wrists. The primary adornment of the bracelet is the moment we were born, beginning as an information tag creating and strengthening the bonds of love and affection. Bracelets will tell stories of their own or function as sovereign of momentous events, experiences or beliefs of suggestive protection against nature or by the spiritual guides.

At C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, these jewels are crafted using precious metals and decorated with colossal natural gems to make a stylish look. Other materials like cloth, leather and chords are also used that are braided, knotted, twisted or wrapped to produce unique designer collections.

With scores of varieties and choices, how can we ensure the right pick? Typically, the main criteria in choosing a bracelet are the style, proper fit and features that communicate a story to get connected. These accessories can elevate your dull-looking hand to steal attention. Bracelets are one of the trendiest jewels in fashion wear, as they create a stunning and characteristic look to suit various occasions.

With numerous bracelets in distinct shapes, choose a gorgeous bracelet to complement your attire and look. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers features a great variety of assorted collection that offers numerous options, from sophisticated pieces to a dull finish that goes well with your formal to a trendy design for a romantic evening or a designer collection that complement your attire.

Let us help you to pick the perfect bracelet to match your taste.

Cuff Bracelet: 

A slide-through opening helps you push it into place from the side of the wrist to wrap around the wrist. The piece which will elevate your work outfit effortlessly can be styled and worn alone or paired with other accessories. These jewels are designated to be snug fit and cosy.

Designer’s Choice: 

An array of a stunning variety of innovative designs encrusted with pearls, rubies, and emeralds, some with kundanavalli work, geometric and floral patterns, translating them into timeless and stylish masterpieces executed with innovative technology.

The Diamond Bracelets:

A must-have for every diamond lover, flaunt them to involve attention even in a crowd.

Standalone Solitaire Bracelet:

Get indulged in nature’s sparkling gift. Solitaire bracelets are the best representation of someone special. It is one of the most favoured everyday wear that speaks of style and elegance.

Beaded Bracelets: 

The beaded bracelet collection comprises a single strand of various gems tumbled to form round beads strung with a central motif with a large, unusual gemstone with encircling diamonds to add value to its natural essence of colour and textures intact. This carefully planned stringing arrangement gives a funky and aesthetic look.

The Lightweight Office-Wear Bracelets: 

Create an influence dressing quotient by wearing them as a workwear accessory, showing your bold and artistic personalised look.

The Black-Bead Bracelet: 

The black bead bracelet is a new trend that clings to the tradition yet is in style with inspiring motifs in gold and diamonds fused to give a contemporary look.

The Best Tennis Bracelets: 

A classical, elegant piece of jewellery that consist of a single row of handcrafted diamonds of exceptional quality. Encircles in the wrists are often customised to the exact wrist size. The design concept is more practical and versatile, making it an excellent accessory to match any outfit and occasion.

Did you know?

An elegant piece of jewellery, the tennis bracelet gets its name from the professional tennis player Ms Chris Evert. Aside from the traditional diamond setting style, tennis bracelets also can be custom-built with coloured gemstones like emeralds, sapphires or rubies.

Choosing the perfect bracelet might be difficult, with so many trendy and elegant pieces to adorn your arms. We at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers will assist you in picking the right pick. Have no hesitation calling on us at +91 08040001869. Or you may also shop online at There are a few handy tips regarding handling and caring for jewellery. If you are interested to know more visit:-

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