The Denim Blue – Crafted For The Bold

Charm, simplicity and finesse are seemingly done-for when it comes to jewellery. The trendy jewellery pieces of this season’s 2022 collections are, in no particular order, for the works are influenced by the global young who wish to have all bits and pieces of fashion as a part of their armoury to take on the world.

Diamond is hard, and so does denim they are explicitly designed for hard work. Jeans remain the most popular type of denim garment, to this day, with tons of diverse styles that are equally popular among young and old folks. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers endeavours to bond with Gen Z, to be with their most daring and confident selves.

The Denim and Diamond jewellery designs reflect personal preferences – a bit modern, a bit revival, born out of natural reflective organic indigo dye of the fabric – all of these set the stage for the designers as a strong base.

C. Krishniah Chetty brings you an innovative composite approach to jewellery designed for the spirit in you in a captivating combination of different shapes, lines and forms, without any elaborate ornamentations but for simple geometric shapes like rectangles and circles. The sublime beauty of these pieces is infused with denim fabrics, amalgamating the two classics – Denim and Diamonds.

So, to let you experience this collection, we bring together imagination, creativity, and excellence in the design of the denim fabric syncing with a diamond on a jewel, an era called for trendy women and men, truly minimal, cool and chic.

A not-so-miniature gold pendant, these are big and bold, and they are impossible to miss.  

The quality of fine craftsmanship in these bracelets has always given a distinctive value harking to the flashiness of the bold explorers.

The style is singular and peculiar ring – the trend is to wear on multiple knuckles.

Do you remember when was the last time that you had a Denim fabric syncing with a diamond on a jewel? Let us help you with the experience of the bold touch of personality.

All in all, these jewels symbolise comfort. They also have the potential to be somewhat professional in the right situation, with great denim and diamond – steal the show by flaunting them. Decide from the range of designs available since the 1st of October across our five magnificent showrooms and online at For more information, call us at +91 080 40001869 or +91 08041001869.

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