The Royal Connection – Sapphire

Are you celebrating your birthday this September? Sapphires are a beautiful, rare gemstone of the mineral corundum and share the same chemical composition and mineral structure as ruby. Sapphire has been used throughout history with vibrance as its brilliant blue colour adorning the most luxurious and expensive pieces of jewellery. To recall, the most valuable engagement ring in the world is what Lady Diana had selected for her engagement. Although it sounds a bit unconventional as the piece was neither custom-made nor a design individually created for her, it had many famous personalities following suit. The craze for Sapphires has never faded. 

However, the younger minds of the millennium today are very choosey. They look out for the uniqueness of the product that is more personal and relatable that can stand out from other pieces of their collections.

What criteria does Gen-Z look for while shopping for Sapphires?

The first criterion is the trust of the jeweller. The quality or fineness of metal used, the fine craftsmanship and assurance or guarantees mean that the jewellery should last for years to hand over to their generations, with the authenticity of the gems being natural, untreated from trusted sources, crafted designs that are unique and beautiful.

The second lookout is the charm of the metal colour, which enhances the gem’s hues and highlights their lustre. With the firm seating of the gemstone in their setting style. Although all gems, when only faceted, can reflect and refract light, their proportion and cutting styles can compromise their liveliness through their colours. Though blue certainly is the most popular colour of Sapphire, most people desire to go with a cornflower blue hue, while some prefer royal blue as that captures the eye of the beholder.

A Gentle reminder.

It is hard to be fussy with colours as many people do not realise that Sapphires are available in varying shades, from dark indigo blue to vibrant cornflower blue. Born naturally from the depth of Mother Earth, no two gems can have the same colour, even though they are from the same crystal. Each will remain unique and beautiful.

The final attention is the source of gems since gems are more valuable when they are natural, untreated, with uniform saturation of the colour, lesser visible inclusion or birthmarks and finally, the faceted shape and size. With the depletion of natural mine resources and more synthetic materials entering the market, it is necessary to verify the authenticity. 

The Sapphires are found across the globe and unearthed for thousands of years in Sri Lanka, Tanzania, Thailand, Cambodia, Madagascar, Australia, the United States, and more. However, Sapphires from the mountainous Kashmir region are priced exceptionally due to their rare beauty and quality. These faceted crystals have established their reputations as one of the world’s most coveted gems. With sporadic productions and staggering availability, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers occasionally sell fine pieces of Kashmir Sapphire jewellery or just faceted gems to allow customisation. 

Be informed that with the deposit being exhausted, the prices have reached many folds comparable to blue Sapphire from the foremost producers of Myanmar (formerly Burma) and Sri Lanka.

No matter what your heart desires, we at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers bring exceptional craftmanship and designs with sesquicentennial experience with trusted authentication by the royal families as one of the finest jewellers of Bengaluru.

Feel the pride in visiting any of our magnificent showrooms for an everlasting relationship in fine jewellery and sentimental luxury. Feel free to speak with our experienced Relationship Managers, who will assist you. Please call us on +91 080 40001869 or send your enquiries to Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Stay connected by login on to

Maintenance tips:

Sapphires are resistant to scratches by nature, therefore, do not store them along with other soft gemstones as they love to leave an impression (scratches) on others. Have them cleanse in an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner for harmless cleaning, remove them when you go for a swim or when doing heavy work or encountering chemicals, as they can damage the settings. And always store them safely inside the box provided. Whenever possible, make some time to visit C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, which offers a free yearly inspection to ensure the upkeeping of your jewels.

Did you know?

The famous Sapphire ring that once belonged to Princess Diana was gifted to Kate Middleton when Prince William proposed to her.

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