Top Trendy Ways To Wear Gold Jewellery

Is it not the time to reinvent the jewellery design, just like the seasonal change this autumn?

As the autumn sets in, feel the changeover in the climate, treetops turn beautiful orange to yellows and the changing moods of the morning walkers through the beautiful mist. Learning lessons from nature, why should we be stereotyped with the same jewellery accessories

Breathe life into new ornaments by getting creative with colours, strips or patterns. In today’s blog, let us explore the trendy ways to wear gold jewellery.

There is no other metal that is more fashionable than gold. It is the instinct that gold has always been in fashion and is an excellent choice when crafted, as such jewels blend well from formal to casual outfits.

Keeping the three attributes of gold jewellery open – Elegant, stylish and versatile, let us explore fine jewellery that is trendier and more sought after in this season.

The Bold Chains or Statement Pieces

To get noticed, go for a bold chain that can look very modern and stylish. If you prefer something more sparkling and noticeable, wear those chains studded with gems, these jewels can make your plain outfit more fashionable.

A piece of advice from the jewellery experts for a small group of people who love to show off their passion while adorning statement pieces, make them the key and central element of your look. Look out for gems that are stunning in appeal, rare and beautiful. Although it may sound a little over-accessorised, they look fabulous with the correct clothing.

However, wear a pair of gold chain earrings to top up your look. Although they resemble simple accessories, any modern and trendy earrings will immediately make your look more distinctive and stylish.

With the earlier trends still lingering around, the layering of chains has caught the youth’s attention with a more redefining they prefer to customise their charms designed based on their achievements and events of life. These charms then preciously dangle all along the length of the chain, along with other varying lengths. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers have always ensured to exceed the highest expectations of every client in a warm relationship that spans generations.

Golden hue tones to complement

There are always methods that allow us to stay trendy no matter the season, therefore, feel free to try them out. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers has in its inventory diverse types of gold colours: white gold, rose gold, yellow gold and combinations of two tones to complement every skin tone. It is advisable to try on the jewels to match the most convenient tone that suits you.

For instance: White gold and platinum have an illuminating effect on natural cool skin tones, while rose gold and yellow gold is an excellent choice for people with warm skin tones and suitable alternative for certain gems like Rubies, Sapphires, Morganite, Opals, Amethyst and Diamonds.

People with neutral skin tones look good in either white or yellow metal tones. We strongly recommend those who prefer casual looks combine unusual colours of gold as it uplifts any look.

Flip through our products at  and find the perfect accessory to make a bold statement or keep it simple with the beauty of lightweight gold jewellers that be on par with the latest trends. 

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