Viewing Sapphires From A Different Perspective

White Sapphires!

Are these diamonds? No, they are not. White Sapphires are a precious gemstone, a variety of the mineral corundum. Unlike rubies, sapphires and fancy-coloured sapphires, they are colourless and known as White Sapphires or leukosapphires as they are void of trace elements which usually provide colours to a gem. These White Sapphires mimic the qualities of a diamond. They are often promoted primarily as diamond substitutes; the lustre and beauty of diamond substitutes are hard to distinguish by a nonprofessional as they imitate another gem and are often referred to as stimulants. These gems have been used historically as diamond substitutes in jewellery.

Then why not choose a White Sapphire for diamonds?

Well. In comparison, both are natural, beautiful and durable. However, with some prime differences, they are identifiable by the look and feel. From the visual appearance, both are colourless, but there can be a noticeable difference in the brilliance and fire that they tend to emit. White Sapphire tends to produce sparkles of silvery-white-grey, whereas diamonds sparkle in rainbow colours with some white mixed with it. White Sapphires need to be squeaky-clean to maintain their sparkle as they tend to look more see-through than diamonds. 

Most natural sapphires exist in Southeast Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and the western parts of the United States.

Natural White Sapphires are incredibly rare than other fancy-coloured sapphires. White Sapphire is graceful and incredibly beautiful and comes in large sizes besides being affordable. These gems have a royal history and hold a unique level of sophistication when studded in fine jewellery.

What shapes are associated with White Sapphires?

Like all gemstones, White Sapphires appear in a wide variety of outlines. One can choose from an unlimited wide range of rounds, ovals, emeralds, princesses, hearts, radiant and so on!

Hi! There is something remarkable about these clear crystals. They can be faceted to provide a windowpane look from the top. Is it not amazing? Well, assume if we could personalise our initials have it enamelled and placed beneath the gem, or place a slice of precious Opal with its rich play of colour or have exclusive cut work in gold to form a base for setting. Wow! These are interesting. We at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers take to deliver unique customised jewellery to fulfil every desire. Get them designed or for even more choices, choose from the wide range of design catalogues and images. We have something to suit everyone.

C. Krishniah Chetty Group has a vast collection of jewellery, featuring some of the exclusive designer’s abilities that highlight the White Sapphires in 18 kt gold tones of rose, white and yellow. Often accentuated with the contrasting gems of rubies, tanzanite, pink sapphires, black onyx and more. Find your choice from a spread-out collection across our magnificent showrooms as they must be owned. Whether you are looking out for a jewel or an unset White Sapphire, an unusual exotic gem or a high diamond collection, feel free to talk to any of our Relation Managers who will be please to guide you through.

Did you know?

White Sapphire was discovered on the island of Naxos in Ancient Greece and associated with Apollo, God of Light and Sun. These gems were considered sacred and hence, called the ‘Stone of the Gods.’

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