The Mesmerizing Colors

The Holi festival connected with spring equinox occurs during the month of March brings in a lively festive spirit, beats of the drums, thumping of feet, roars of laughter and people splashing colours. These celebrations encompass the festival of Colors.

Holi is a period that our inhouse designers and craftsmen look forward to, as there is complete freedom to indulge in creating colorful masterpieces – each communicating a unique story of its own. The tussle and the camaraderie in the use of colors is something that our designers have mastered, and it is something that makes each of these a magnum opus by itself.

The spectrum of colors reminds every one of the colorful journeys that one traverses in life. Every jewel is inspired by the various colors in one’s life right from the smallest of the coloured gemstone to the largest solitaires, all reflecting the colorful hues and radiating positivity and hope.

Where did your jewel come from?

No matter how many times one visits their jeweller, there is always a new collection that looks interesting and inviting. Just like how our lives are defined by the colourful experiences, each of these precious gems are made up of several minerals that mother earth has to offer, and together bring out the natural colours and hues to bear.

The merriment of combining them together is a major influence factor to present a distinctive, innovative piece that is close to one’s heart. At C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, we paint a beautiful tomorrow for all our customers to cherish for generations to come.

Let’s celebrate the true manifestation of culture and tradition adorning the finest jewellery from none other than the heritage jewelersC. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

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