The Companion of Topaz

Amazing! The traditional birth stone Topaz along with the modern birthstone Citrine together makes them the birthstones for November.

The gem Citrine is a variety that does belong to the family of quartz displaying its pale yellow to brownish orange colour was often confused with the gem topaz in the earlier days.

People believed that both citrine and topaz carried the same powers as each other. A few called it “Merchant stone” for its penchant to attract, especially prosperity. It could have been why Egyptians used citrine gems as a talisman, while Greeks carved iconic images into them, and the Roman priest adorned them as rings. There were different names given to citrine like golden topaz, Spanish topaz or Madeira creating, more confusion.

Today, science has distinguished clearly, that topaz and citrine as different mineral species and unrelated to one another.

The attractive colour, durability and affordability it shares with other varieties of quartz make it a choicest gem in its shades of yellow and orange. However, the contemporary jewellery collections carry the popular shades of brown or reddish-orange. The cause of these natural colour(s) is due to the presence of trace element iron in the crystal, and such colourful gems rarely occur in nature.

Mineralogists recognised, in the mid-18th century that, when amethyst was heat-treated, it produced the tawny hues of citrine. The market took advantage of these enhanced gems, gave rise to abundance making it more common and affordable.

Women were exhilarated and preferred them into jewellery, and men fashioned them into cufflinks and rings. A lot of these gem comes from Brazil, which is one of the largest suppliers. Citrine is also mined in France, Russia. Madagascar, Spain, and the U.S.A.

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Fun Facts:

The original point of reference for the citrine colour was the citron fruit. The name “Citrine” replaced the usual name of “Yellow Quartz” in 1556. Mother Earth creates a fabulous collection of citrine geodes, that are one of the kind of showpieces measures from two, or four or six feet tall -or taller.

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