Nose Ring Styles for Every Face

As women, we wear a lot of jewellery in our lives.

From the first studs we are gifted as soon as we get our ears pierced, to the family heirloom bangles we receive as we turn of age – the journey is beautiful. Yet, there is a jewellery item that has marked importance in our life: the nose ring.

There are many households in India, which consider the nose ring to be representative of a married woman. It begins with a string attached Nathnion her wedding day, and thereupon commences her time to wear all the nose ring designs she likes.

Today, the nose ring is not just for a married woman – it is a stunning piece of jewellery for all women of all ages to don. From fashionistas wearing short dresses, to a woman clad in a saaree, the nose ring shines in all its glory.

However, every nose ring is not meant for everyone. 

The nose ring is worn on one side of the nose, and thus is one of the most noticeable features when another looks at you. Therefore, it is imperative that the ring suits the structure and shape of your face. Confused which nose ring shall work for you? Here is a nose ring style guide for every face type:

Beaded Nose Rings for the Long Face

For those who have elongated faces, finding the right jewellery can be a difficult task. It seems only drop earrings and choker necklaces work for a fashionable look, while simple studs or pendants appear less than wholesome.

Same is the case with nose rings. For a long face, a simple stud or half-moon nose ring shall not do the trick. What you need is something that draws attention to your nose, and therefore minimizes the effect of a longer face.

The right sort of nose ring in such case is the Beaded Ring. Round and glamorous, it brings all attention to itself, making you a complete head-turner in the crowd.

Another plus point for a beaded nose ring: It can work well for those with broad foreheads too! Thankfully, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers has a vast collection of beaded nose rings so that you don’t have to go searching for one.

Personal favourites are the classic gold nose screw with hints of red and a gold and pearl nose ring; for those in search of a traditional vibe.

Slim Nose Ring for the Round Face

If you have a round face, choosing a nose ring that is also round is a complete NO. what you need is something long and slim, that shall draw the attention to your sleek features and ring, rather than adding to the roundness of the face.

If you are confused of what a sleek nose ring looks like, here is a beautiful one from C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers to give you a good idea:

A diamond nose screw, this creation has a floral-inspired top which shall appear gorgeous on the nose. While the stem elongates downwards – taking away the attention from the roundness of the face to a sleek and smart look.

Subtle Nose Rings for the Heart-Faced

Another popular face structure is the heart shape. These are people with good, prominent cheekbones (that provide the perfect most blush look), and a noticeable jawline.

With such a pretty face shape that can be accentuated by adorning it with the right makeup, it seems a shame to wear a large nose ring that steals attention from the beauty of the face and grants it to the jewel instead. Therefore, a way to jump on the bandwagon of nose ring trends while maintaining the beauty of your face shall be by opting for a subtle nose ring. These can be half-moons, or even a simple nose gold ring without any gemstones.

Giving a raw and original look – such nose ring styles are bound to make you a stunner.

Nose Studs for All

If you are a minimalist by heart and simply cannot wear a bejeweled or beaded nose ring – you are not alone.

This is where, nose studs come for the rescue. Like small dots on the nose, you can choose the kind of stud you want. From those encrusted with gemstones to others that are simple and plain.

A major plus point: Nose studs work for all types of faces.

Therefore, whether you have a long face, heart-shaped, or round face – purchasing a nose stud is the easy way out. If you are looking for something simple, this classic gold nose screw might just be the thing you need.

Or, if you are willing to give your nose screws a bit of sparkle – these shiny gold screws work well for all face styles too!

Love the nose ring trend? Now, you can have it for yourself too.

Choose one of the trending styles in accordance with the shape of your face – or go for a gorgeous nose stud that works for all!

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