Jewellery Organizing Tips for the Carefree at Heart

When we have somewhere to get to and dress up on mind – the room turns upside down. As we look for the perfect cardigan to match the orange top hidden in the back of the cupboard, we end up excavating all contents of the cupboard itself (unintentional, of course).

As we strive to create the perfect no makeup look, the dresser becomes a mess with the mascara dangling from one edge, and us scrounging in the desire for eyeshadows that seem to have disappeared suddenly. Yet, this does not even come near the mess we make when searching for the look-completer; i.e. the right jewellery.

I know I want to wear my flower-ring with my printed dress. But, as I peer into my one-stop jewellery drawer (which contains everything from clips to necklaces to bangles to rings), it takes me 15 minutes – still with no luck. When you have to get somewhere on time, searching for jewellery should be the last thing making you late.

With these fabulous tips for organizing jewellery, you shall never have to be late anymore just because you couldn’t find your left earring (been there, done that).

Ready to get organized? Let’s get started!

Get a Small Jewellery Box To Keep Rings

Let us start with the items that are often too small to be found at the right time.


Whether you have one ring, or an entire collection, you need to store them safely in a place where they are always within reach and can easily be picked up on-the-go. This means you should keep them on your dresser. However, do not simply leave them lying around openly on your dressing table – they could still get lost.

Invest in a good looking jewellery box. Why good looking?

It is going to be placed right on the top of your dressing table. So, of course, it needs to be chic enough to make its place.

One such jewellery box is sold by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

Silver-plated, the box makes for a lovely addition to the dresser. Place all of your rings gently inside the box, and close the lid shut. Whenever you have to go somewhere and are thinking of wearing a ring; simply open the lid, get what you need, and get going.

The Wall of Necklaces

If you love yourselves an art project – this is about to become one.

For people who wear a lot of necklaces, especially the long, dangling ones, the Wall of Necklaces is a lovely way to uplift the outlook of your room while also making space for your necklaces.

Things you need:

  1. Nail/Hook
  2. Hammer

The Process:

  1. Ensure your safety. If you are not comfortable using a hammer, have somebody else assisting you.
  2. Take the nail or hook, whichever one is easily available, and place it on the wall nearest to your dresser.
  3. With the hammer, hit the head of the nail to insert it into the wall. However, do not insert it completely inside. Leave about half of the nail hanging outside.
  4. Attach other nails to the wall by maintaining equal distance among them.
  5. Hang all of your necklaces on the nails. You can also make categories of necklaces hung on the same nail. For example, all funky pendants on one. All bead necklaces on another, etc.

Voila! Your necklaces shall never be out of sight and difficult to find again.

Compartmentalizing the Drawer

Most dressing tables also have drawers. Thus, a great way to organize jewellery is by bringing the drawers into use.

However, you do not need to purchase jewellery organizers for your drawer – we shall make our own.

If you have any bowls in the house that you don’t use anymore, they can serve as the perfect jewellery container.

Get some of those bowls and assign one bowl to each jewellery type. For example, one bowl for necklaces (or two, if you have many), one bowl for earrings, another for rings, and the last one for bangles. Fill the bowls with your favourite jewellery pieces, place them in your drawer and close it shut.

Organized, accessible, and easy to find – exactly the jewellery organizer we needed.

Purchase a Stud Earring Organizer

While necklaces and bangles are easier to find owing to their large sizes – stud earrings are the worst if they get lost.

Small in size, and difficult to find, if you lose one of them, the pair almost always becomes useless – an ordeal we’ve been through far too often to admit. With a stud earring organizer lying on your dressing table however, you shall never have to imagine losing one of the studs and turning the room upside down as you go on a mega search.

Soft and gentle to the touch – the organizer ensures each stud is pressed deep within so it doesn’t budge, while also kept distanced from each other to prevent scratches.

Get a Pegboard!

Another crafty way to up your jewellery organizing skills is by getting a pegboard. Working exactly like the nails in the wall – only much prettier, with a pegboard you have a pre-made jewellery organizer.

Simply hang it wherever you want, put in the peg at regular distances – and hang your necklaces!

Love these jewellery organizing ideas? Try them and let us know how they worked for you!

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