Glamming up for Independence Day

As the 15th of August draws closer, the heart skips a beat.

Oh, how there is a sudden urge to mount the flag in our balconies. Sing nationalistic songs. Go around the streets dressed in the colors of the flag. Or especially for the women – put colorful henna on the hands, exclaiming the arrival of the Day of Independence.

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The 15th of August isn’t any regular day for Indians. It is the day, when back in 1947, British colonizers were forced to retreat as Indian government took over and the British Raj collapsed.

With a day as important as this, it is only right if we celebrate it the right way.

Yet, if you are wondering how we can enjoy the Independence Day in current circumstances of the pandemic – of course we can!

Wear your favourite jewels, put on your best attires, and embellish your face with a gorgeous grin; it is the day for Mother India.

Let’s see how we can glam up this Independence Day:

The Saffron

As the Indian flag waves, the first colour we see is a shade of orange: Saffron.

Called Kesari, Saffron isn’t merely a colour.

Whether you tour through Mandirs or host a Pooja, Saffron is the colour you shall mostly see. A hue exclaim purity, it is a reminder of holy men. The orange-ish tinge represents fire, thought to burn away impurities, and bring forth abstinence. For the country – Saffron in the flag is a sign of strength. The display of courage and valour, that led to India gaining independence.

Thus, if you are deciding to don one colour this Independence Day, it should be Saffron. Wear a white shirt with a saffron skirt – great for the summer and wholesome to the eyes. A dress like this shall immediately allow everyone to forget the troubles of COVID-19, and instead invoke their patriotic spirits.

Like every attire, the completion for this look shall be the right jewels. If you want to appear subtle and let the Saffron be in the limelight – pair your crisp white shirt (preferably button down) with a solely Saffron pendant.

A classic gold pendant with a pearl drop for an elegant touch, or a heart-shaped saffron-hued gold pendant to glamourously display your love for your country – both pendants work!

The White

The second band of colour in the tri-colour Indian flag is White. A colour associated with purity, innocence, and safety – white is the favourite hue of many.

Yet, in the Indian flag, white exists for a different reason. Not merely a colour blocker, the white is a symbol of peace within the land. Of truth and justice. Of honesty and goodness.

Therefore, when deciding how to glam up for Independence Day, another way to go is through subtlety, elegance, and a range of whites. Instead of opting for brighter colours– go for an all-white ShalwarKameez instead. Pair it with classic diamond drop earrings like these, and you are definitely the gorgeous lady in white.

Conversely, if you want to turn heads as you walk, an all-white outfit albeit elegant – might not give you the wow! factor you need.

What should you do?

Pair the all-white look with multi-colouredkhussas or kolapuris, and adorn your neck with a chunri dupatta in the other colours of the flag (Saffron, green, etc.).

Do this, and you are certainly a sight for sore eyes.

The Green

Though the Independence Day is to arrive in such troublesome times of 2020, due to the current pandemic, it certainly does not take away the reason to celebrate. And what does one do when in need of celebration? Buy some bangles, of course!

This Independence Day, bring a smile to your face and of others, by wearing bangles in the hues of the flag.

A classic gold pair bangle in green, might just be the thing you need. Green is a colour of growth, fertility, and the sanctity of the land, and its best feature is – it goes well with everything. Thus, while you can don the green bangles with a gorgeous gold saaree this Independence Day, they will easily go just as well with western attires.

A bit of dangle with a lovely bangle – and the rhythm invokes the festive mood in all.

The Blue

A colour rarely noticed in our flag, yet of utmost importance – Navy Blue is used to draw the Dharma Chakra Wheel in the middle of the bands.

The wheel takes us back to the “Wheel of Law” by Emperor Ashoka. While the 24 lines represent the 24 life principles, the colour blue signifies the Sky and Oceans; hinting at the universal truth. Never did we think something as subtle as the blue in the flag, could mean so much more. Thus, when accommodating the colour in our Independence Day fashion – it should mean the same; subtle, yet meaningful.

What better way to do this than by a classic diamond ring with blue sapphires, bound to go with all sorts of dresses?

A Mesmerizing Fusion

If you wish to take your Independence glamming up a notch higher – you can accumulate all the colours of the flag in your clothing.

A saffron top, navy blue loose pants, white shoes and a green watch in one hand. Yet, what takes this look to the next level?

A breathtaking ring like this diamond ring in an array of colours! Fauna-inspired, multi-hued, and an absolute treat to the eyes, this ring is the one to wear.

Didn’t know dressing up for Independence Day could be as fun and glamorous? Visit C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, and have an up-close and personal look at the glitz and glamour of the jewels.

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