Get Your Glam Up This Wedding Season

As 2020 whizzed by, not a lot of social activity was conducted. 

However, the dawn of a new year has signified the dawn of hope, and thus numerous festivities, including weddings, have regained momentum. 

Do you also have a wedding invite sitting on your bed side table? Are you also confused about what to wear and how to keep your glam up, after about a year of COVID-19-induced lockdowns?
Here are the fashion tips you need, to get your glam up this wedding season:

Jhumka Mohabbat Wala

If there was one jewellery item that continues to saunter between the East and the West and looks effortlessly chic with both sorts of attires – it is the jhumka!

These dome-shaped beauties have always been in trend and manage to look beautiful with clothes as heavy as those donned to weddings, to attires as light as university wear.

If you want to adopt a bespoke jewellery look this wedding season without looking over-the-top, or too glitzy – the jhumkas are a safe bet to have you looking uber chic. 

Perhaps a classic jhumki in gold and pearls at the end, or an all-over gold look is just what you need to set you apart from all. 

Flaunt Your Nose Ring 

While the past might have labelled nose rings to be a jewellery item for married women, contemporary jewellery trends are far from the notion. 

Today’s woman is bold, glamorous, and unafraid to voice her opinions. Thus, flaunting a nose ring is a show of confidence, style, and elevating the fashion meter to be representative of who she is. 

Are you liking the idea of a nose ring on the wedding (even as a guest!)? 

We’ll tell you to hop right onto the trend. If you want to go subtle the first time or already have other pieces of heavy jewellery as part of your look, a classic gold nose screw that is small yet gorgeous plays the part well. 

However, if you absolutely adore the idea of nose rings and what to go biggg with a vibrant nose screw, this one in diamond and emerald surely makes the cut.  

Wear it with a black or navy-blue silk saari, and trust us when we say, you’d be a head-turner in the wedding. 

Chokers are Forever 

This must be perhaps the third year that chokers have been in-trend, but they don’t seem to be going out any time soon – really.

Yet, while the chokers of the past were literally chokers, or beaded cloth ornaments that stuck to the bottom of the neck to give a sleek yet gothic look; choker jewellery in weddings is nothing like that. 

At weddings, choose heavy choker necklaces that adorn your neck and are clasped shut with a thread at the back – for a truly fitted look. 

For instance, this classic gold necklace with cultured pearls, glass filled gemstones, and a beautiful tassle and thread make for a wonderful choker necklace to pair with colourful lehenga cholis. 

So, the next time you’re going to somebody’s mehendi or sangeet – you know what to wear! 

Vibrant Gemstones 

Once we’re talking about colours and all things vibrant, how can we forget gemstones?
The way to bring your wedding attires to life, there is just something about vibrant gemstones that makes all wedding looks appear extraordinary – enough to make you a stunner! 

Is your next wedding invite to an engagement or sagai ceremony? Most such functions have the usual pastel tones – greys and blues. If your dress also falls in the same category, these classic gold and sapphire drop earrings can certainly elevate your look. 

However, if it’s your friend’s wedding ceremony – of course you need something heavier, flashier, and bespoke. You need the classic ruby drop earrings with gorgeous rose cut diamonds and South Sea pearls dangling at the end. 

Bolay Chudiyan 

As we remind ourselves of the gorgeous Pooh dancing away to the tunes of Bolay Chudiyan, there is a part within us that desires those gorgeous chudiyan for ourselves. 

This wedding season invoke the Pooh within you and become a vision of “Kon hai jis ne murr ke mujhe nai dekha?” by looking absolutely unique with a set of bangles that are as glamourous and as distinct as ever.

Instead of the usual glass bangles, go big and don the classic gold bangle with ruby and rose cut diamonds. 

As you display your moves at the dance floor, let your hands and bangles do all the talking to make you the highlight of the event!

Amp Up Your Wedding Glam With CKC!

Are you excited to attend the next wedding, and have already decided your next look? 

It is time to put the plan in action. Get your clothing sorted and visit C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers to put your jewellery woes to rest. 

Create your next wedding look with us – as bride or guest!  

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