Gemstone of the Month: Diamond

If there is one gemstone that everybody knows about, cherishes, and absolutely adores – it is the Diamond. Fortunately for the lucky ones born in April, the diamond is their birthstone.

One of the toughest gemstones to ever be naturally created, diamond was formed with carbon. However, with combinations of a few other natural phenomenon, colored diamonds also came into the limelight. Such as India’s very own Dresden Green.

The Diamond Legends

Considering it is April, the month of the Diamond, a trip down memory lane reminiscing through a retelling of legends and folklores of the diamond only seems befitting. Let’s see what the past has taught us about diamonds – myth or otherwise:

  1. The Curious Case of Lightning Bolts

While some think diamonds attracted lightning bolts, others imagine lightening to be a cause of formation of these gemstones. The people think that when lightning strikes rocks, it leads to diamond formation.

Very interesting – isn’t it?

2. The Healer

The diamond is also thought to possess healing powers. While some think it can reduce toxins from the blood, others believe it has the potential to be able to cure brain disease.

However, all of this remains a question for our researchers and scientists who are yet to conclude on the authenticity of such folklores.

3. A Lie Detector

Yes, we’re not kidding. In earlier times, the diamond was used as a lie detector because it was thought to possess incredible qualities of differentiating between the truth and a lie. The high priests among Jewish communities believed the diamond would sparkle brightly if its wearer was telling the truth or darken and dull if the wearer was a liar.

4. A Symbol of Love, Affection, and Trust

A diamond is only cut by another diamond, and thus is highly praised for its invincibility. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that this is the gemstone of lovers, chosen to depict eternal love, trust, and affection.

In fact, some people even think the Hindu deity Krishna gifted a diamond to his beloved Radha as a symbol of his love. Many consider the diamond to be the Koh-i-Noor. Whether this is true or not, however, remains a question.

Nonetheless, considering its depiction of love, the diamond has effortlessly made its way into the lover’s arena of jewellery, becoming one of the favourite-most gemstones to be added to a proposal and/or engagement ring.

5. Feel the Love in the Air

One of the legends that has carried on with times is the diamond’s ability to symbolize love. In fact, it was the ancient Egyptians who believed that an engagement finger should be worn in the left hand, on the 3rd finger, because it was supposed to be carrying a vein that went straight to the heart, also known as the “Vein of Love”.

Are you feeling the love in the air? Do you want to purchase a few diamond jewels for your loved one this April?

Here are a few choices for you:

  • Say It All With A Solitaire

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  • Drop-Dead Gorgeous!

Today’s fashion trends call for long earrings, and by long we mean shoulder caressing, truly glamorous drop earrings.

Here are a pair of solitaire diamond drop earrings your loved one will adore:

  • Say It With A Pendant

Yes, most people propose with a ring. But, how about your turn the trends around and embrace your own creativity this time by being truly bespoke and unique for the woman of your dreams?

Choose a dainty diamond necklace that would look fashionable and chic over every attire and neckline.

Make April Fashionable

Whether you believe in gemstones and their legends or not, everybody surely believes in the beauty of diamonds.

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