Floral Wedding Jewellery: Getting The Trend Right

Oh, My Flora! 

If you love flowers, that makes the two of us. 

There is just something so special about a garland of Genda or a strand of Motia, that leaves one enticed by their smell and mesmerized by their visuals. 

A special rendition of flowers is especially seen during weddings, in – wait for it – bridal jewellery! 

The Flora Options 

Apart from the usual gold necklaces and diamond rings, the addition of floral jewellery to the wedding scene has been a tradition of the ages. While some girls choose to don a certain floral jewel on their Ubtan Lagai, others keep it saved for their Sangeet.

Here are a few floral wedding jewellery options to choose from:

  • Maang Tikka
  • Kamarbandh
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Anklet
  • Armlet 
  • Bangle
  • Mathapatti
  • Haath Phool

However, wearing all the options is a bad idea. 

Do not worry. Let the fashion experts at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers guide you on how to get the trend right. 

  • Keep One Statement Piece 

Too much of flora is a real thing, and not a desirable one. 

If you have a floral neckpiece paired with a genda mathapatti, and dangling jasmine earrings – you might just look an over-the-top bride. 

Keep it subtle and elegant by choosing one (or maximum two) statement piece for your wedding day flower jewellery. Whether it is a pair of bangles or adornment for your hair; a statement floral piece makes you a stunning bride. 

  • Colour Blocking Is A Good Option 

Just as colour blocking has ruled the fashion world for some time, it has now also entered the realm of floral jewellery. 

Wear flower jewellery in contrasting hues with your outfit. For example, if your haldi lagai suit is completely yellow, make sure your floral jewellery is of a contrasting colour like red or orange.

  • Don’t Go Completely Matchy

No matter how much you adore wearing matching separates and jewellery, your wedding is not the day to play it safe. 

Experiment with colours, make it bright, fun, and bold, and let your floral jewellery accentuate your look. Pair fresh rose karhas with your Sangeet attire or let a long, motia tikka do the talking for you. 

  • Choose Your Flora With A Suitable Outfit 

If you have your wedding dress ready, but your floral jewellery is unseen – the risk may be too grand to take. 

Make sure you buy your floral jewellery after careful consideration of your bridal outfit. For example, ensure the neckline matches. While a multi-layered floral choker will work with a round-neck attire, a longer stringed necklace will be better for those wearing high necks.

  • Mix & Match For A Modern Touch

Know that floral jewellery is not your only option. 

There is a whole world of stunning combinations to test and try, and this includes contemporary jewels with traditional floral jewellery. Wear a gorgeous, grand gold necklace and pair it with simple floral bangles and you will be good to go. Or, choose floral earrings with a diamond tikka. 


When considering floral jewellery for your wedding, knowing its type and freshness is crucial. Fresh flowers look the best on the first day of being cut but can be preserved for 1-2 days if refrigerated. Conversely, wearing artificial floral jewellery is also an option, especially if access to fresh flowers is limited.

If you have decided on floral jewellery for your wedding day but are hoping to pair it up with some gorgeous, real jewels, make your way to C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers for a vast collection to choose from. 

Happy flora! 

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