5 Jewellery Pieces To Wear This Monsoon Season

Rain & Bling!

As soon as the monsoon season approaches, our fashion trends take a hit. 

Of course, the rainy season has a different fashion game – of course. 

Apart from the trench coats and long boots, the accessory trends are also redefined. If you are thinking about upgrading your jewellery box well in time for the rainy season, you have come to the right place. 

Let the experts at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers guide you to the top 5 jewellery pieces to wear this monsoon season. 

Broad Bangles 

If you are wearing a tee with denims and hopping outside for a little stroll, you’d want to look on point. Unfortunately, your usual metal watch will not do the trick. 

Metal does not work well under water, unless it’s declared waterproof. Therefore, instead of relying on the usual watch to cover your accessory need with a casual tee, switch to a chunky, bangle instead in the monsoon season. 

Long, Drop Earrings

No matter how much you like chokers and long, fancy necklaces; wearing a statement neckpiece during heavy rains is not a good idea. As the water falls on the gems of the necklace, the look in its entirety is muddled, and simply loses the vibe. 

This is why, instead of fancy neckpieces, opt for earrings instead. Whether you prefer the casual studs when going for a grocery run or wish to go fancier with long, drop earrings; you can never go wrong during the monsoon with a good ear piece. 

All Things Blue 

Sometimes, you’ve just got to vibe with the weather. 

When the gorgeous water is falling from the sky, bring the aqua in your dressing also. Add a touch of blue through whichever accessory you like. A fancy blue pendant or beautiful, blue studs – the choice is yours.

Long Pendants 

Wearing chokers is not recommended as it can lose its charm in the rain with a distorted view. However, wearing long pendants is always a good, casual option. 

The best part about a pendant is its comfort; no tugging on the necklace, no direct contact with the skin, and the ability to make a statement wherever you go. 

Wearing long, dangling pendants that accentuate the look of the attire by hanging on your shirt – and your monsoon look is complete. 

Classic Diamond

Is there anything better than a sparkling diamond in the rain? 

We think not! 

There is something special about diamonds which makes them a timeless gemstone, and our team certainly agrees. 

Fortunately, contrary to popular thought, diamond does not lose its sparkle under water, nor fades. It is usually its exposure to other, chemicals, and external materials that impacts its shine and luster. 

Rest assured; your diamond will be completely safe during the monsoon. So, you can easily venture out with your favourite diamond ring gracing your finger.


Are you ready to set the fashion stage on fire during the monsoon season? Head over to C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers are purchase your favourite jewels for this rainy season. 

Studs, earrings, or pendants, we’ve got your back. 

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