Excellent Cut diamond! What does that mean?

Shopping for a diamond!

The interior lighting along with the well-lit window display of diamond jewellery draws your attention closer towards them as you would have visualized a bright sparkle that emitted out of a diamond, that has attracted you and holds you captive after the purchase.

One of the value factors termed as Cut creates this maximum brightness which requires excellent cutting technique from the rough to the finish, which is reflected as one of the value factors on the diamond cut grade. Out of the 4C’s. Cut plays an important role that has more impact than any other. The term Cut does signify both the outline of the diamond and its proportion, symmetry, and polish. Cut is the only value factor that can be determined by a brillianteer, who brings out this adamantine luster from within the diamonds what wins every heart of women.

When all diamonds are Cut it should have the same luster. Isn’t it? No, diamond that are well proportioned with each angled facet placed properly or in a symmetrical position helps light to strike as they enter to either reflect or refract through or out of the diamond from the crown (the top potion of the gem) back to the observer. This creates the three attributes known as brilliance, fire, and scintillation. Therefore, Cut is all about how diamonds are faceted to bring out its brightness, sparkle, and colors of the fire. When diamond is not proportionately faceted, they end up as lifeless stone with no sparkle returning to the observer. This happens when a diamond is a shallow cut or too deep cut as they allow light to leak out from the sides leading to loss of light from within make the gem look dark, dull, and lifeless.

So! What is meant by proportions of a well-cut diamond?

When diamond is faceted to certain known proportions in respect to its size, shape, angles between crown facet and pavilion facets, ratio between length and width in fancy cuts, measurements of facet lengths, table size, height of crown and depth of the pavilion, girdle thickness, culet size  along with polish and symmetry and graded as an excellent cut is termed as a well cut diamond or a ideal cut diamond. The three major factors considered in assigning a cut grade are namely Proportion, symmetry, and polish and values are assigned in grades as: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair or Poor. All this has a huge impact on the beauty of a diamond and its value.


No single set of parameters can be considered as a benchmark. As shapes other than round have different proportions, length to width ratio differ across shapes and other parameters also being considered cannot be a thumb rule for selection of diamonds.

Who could help me to know more about diamond proportion?

At C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, diamonds solitaire of 0.23 cents and above are accompanied with a third party diamond report or a dossier along with an in-house certificate, our relationship managers would be glad to answer any queries and also take you on a tour to our “Diamond Journey room”  to share more knowledge on diamonds.

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