Customized Jewellery

Going nuts when selecting jewelry?

All jewelry crafted are indeed the thoughts, the mind, the skills, and ownership of the craftsmen who create them. But as an individual our thought and minds do not sink with the design concept, and roving eyes keeps looking for more and more. The more we visualize the more confusing and mix of patterns become more intertwining. The urge for something special and unique strikes the mind leading to customization.

Can jewelry be customized as per my desire? Oh Yes.        

What needs to be customized needs detailing, followed by sketching then approvals then crafting.

So, it’s time consuming of course, Craftsman need to envision the paper sketch imprint as a 3D model in his thought process, look at the practicability of working mechanism of the links, loops, wearability, karat age of metal, setting style, and finally the outlook of finishing of the jewel.

Now, that every single jewel will have a story wrapped around it, be it your personality, your taste,

 your uniqueness, standing high as an individual the best way that you have express yourself when designed by yourself.

At C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers customization is uncomplicated since we get into very fine detailing even before designing must say an expert jeweller with 152 years serving clients across their generations backed by a team of professional jewelry designers and experts who are passionate, experienced and well versed with their jewelry knowledge, interacting with them gives more clarity on the design expectations, estimations, metal quantity required, gemstone preferences, interchangeable patterns to suit to the occasions that you indent to wear. The option of the designers is also sketched as a separate design for more uniqueness and appeal carefully constructed to keep the theme intact.

Making jewel to your desire helps us relish our commitment and services and usher us to achieve this legendary mark as an excellent jeweler with ethics, as you proudly adorn the jewel feel the twinkle in the eyes as emotions run high.

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