6 Top Spring Jewellery Trends in 2021

Can you believe we’re about 2 months into 2021 already? In fact, Spring season is already on its way, and so are its fashion trends.

If you are looking to update yourself with recent additions in the jewellery arena, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Let’s have a look at the top 6 jewellery trends you must don this spring!

Go the Neon Way

The year 2020 may have been dull, but that only means we lighten (and brighten!) up this year with all things colourful!

Get your favourite coloured jewellery out of the drawer, and let it grace your dresser as you get ready for your next party (probably Zoom party). From neon bead necklaces you might’ve made at summer camp or multi-coloured bracelets worn as friendship bands, this season is to let them shine!

As Versace delivered a jewellery collection that reminisced the ‘80s with neon necklaces, you can now add the same kind of vibrancy to your life with bright-hued diamond neckpieces.

Pearl It

Always in fashion and forever chic, pearls have always been in fashion, and will continue to be in fashion – forever.

This is because there’s nothing quite like these little beauties. In fact, Emilia Wickstead and Simone Rocha, both displayed pearls as a part of their Spring jewellery collection. Thus, making it all the more reason to make your next jewel purchase, a pearl ornament.

Instead of going for grand and heavy jewellery items, begin your transition to the pearl trend with a subtle and delicate, yet absolutely beautiful MeloMelo Pearl ring instead.

The Single Life

No, we’re not commenting on anyone’s love life – we’re talking about the newest trend in the jewellery genre!

As creativity and all things bespoke continue to garner attention, it seems everybody wants to appear out of the ordinary. What better way to do that than with a single statement earring?

Take a page out of the book of designers like Fendi and MiuMiu and don your favourite drop earrings with a twist!

Go asymmetrical, and adopt the single (earring) life with an extravagant diamond drop earring – in one ear!

Chained Fashion

Gold chains have been in style since forever. But this time around, their trend has arrived with an accomplice – large pendants.

This spring, chained fashion is in, with long, thick chains, and larger-than-life pendants. Perhaps wearing something like this pink gold chain pendant with casual tees and loose jeans is your kind of thing.

All Things Charming

A timeless trend, suitable for all ages is the charm bracelet.

What makes a charm bracelet special is how it can be molded to depict the wearer’s personality, simply by choosing the right, bespoke charms.

So, if you’re fun, quirky, and loving, with a little child in you that wants to enjoy life – a charm bracelet like this may just be what you need this Spring.

From the dancing girl to the pick and red gems, the charm bracelet is as its name entails – truly charming.

Way Long Pendants

Yes, pendants with thick chains are in. But that doesn’t mean a regular chain won’t suffice.

This season, long pendants are in trend – way long ones.

Wear this modern diamond pendant with western attires and to all places glam.

Or switch it up with something casual instead, like a pointed diamond pendant that goes well on beach days and friends’ time out, both.

Update Your Jewellery Collection

Don’t the newest jewellery trends make you go, just wow?

If you’re looking to up your jewellery fashion game, and are on the search for the must-have earrings, necklaces, and rings this Spring, visit us at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers for an extensive jewellery collection that exclaims trendy and chic.

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