What Finger Is Your Wedding Finger?

At one point, you must have wondered, why do they always wear the ring on that one finger? Why not the other ones? It must get confusing at times. Well, worry no more, because we are here with a guide that will help you understand which finger is the wedding finger and why it’s designated to be the ring finger. Keep on reading to know more!

Which Hand and Finger?

In most religions and cultures, the fourth finger of your left hand is considered the ring finger. Engagement or wedding ceremonies in some religions consist of both the bride and groom exchanging rings and confirming the engagement/ wedding.

In other religions, it is not the bride and groom that mostly exchanges the rings, instead, it is the families that put a ring on the bride’s or groom’s wedding finger. It is a known tradition for conservative families who prefer separate events. In Hindu or Muslim weddings, there is a specific event for exchanging rings, both on the wedding and as an engagement. But unlike the two religions, Christians usually don’t have a proper event of this. It depends on the man on when or where he proposes to the woman.

All in all, all of the religions believe that the fourth finger of the left hand is the ideal finger for the ring. But you must be wondering, why specifically the fourth finger of the left hand? Well, worry no more, because now we will be talking about why they believe this is the right finger for both men and women to wear their rings. 

Why This Finger?

People in almost every religion have a firm belief that the fourth finger of the left hand is the ideal finger for both the bride and groom. Why? Well, it is because they believe that there is a vein that connects directly from the finger to the heart. When the bride and groom wear the rings on the designated finger, the rings connect them by heart. This helps them create a bond that is near to their heart, which lasts long and their love becomes stronger. Sometimes, the hand varies from culture to culture but the finger stays the same. Wearing a ring on this specific finger symbolizes that you are committed and are planning to get married soon. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an engagement ring, you can exchange the rings on your wedding too, to seal the rituals and wedding completely. 

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