Wearing Jewellery During COVID-19 – The Do’s and Dont’s

For many of us, jewellery isn’t merely adornment for the skin or just the ‘look-upgrader’. It is a part of us.

While some have worn the same locket since childhood and might have developed an emotional bond with it, there are others who never ever take off their wedding bands – even in the shower.

As news of a novel coronavirus broke, however, our way of dressing up and donning jewellery has completely changed. From donning facial masks when going out, to PPE’s and hazmat suits for airport looks – everything has changed.

We are asked to wash our hands after every contact with unfamiliar surface, and especially refrain from touching our face.

With the following of such standard operating procedures (SOPs), wearing jewellery has taken a back seat as people are unsure of whether they should wear it in such times or not.

We, at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers are here to tell you just how you can wear this jewellery – something that is a part of you, and not just an accessory you wear. Let’s begin the do’s and don’ts of wearing jewellery during COVID-19 and put the confusions to rest, once and for all

Do Not Remove Jewels When Washing Hands

Quite a lot of us have continued wearing jewellery. While some wear plastic gloves on top, others walk bare-handed.

However, in terms of prevention, when we go to wash our hands, we make one grave mistake – we take off the jewellery.

This is what should absolutely NOT be done.

The novel virus can stay on surfaces for long periods of time. Which is why it is recommended to wash hands frequently. In the same way as it can stay on hands, it can stay on your jewellery as well – especially metal jewellery. However,if you take off the jewellery, wash your hands, and put the jewels back on again – we are back to square one.

If the jewellery – perhaps your rings or bracelet – had been contaminated with the virus; wearing them again after washing your hands would simply bring the germs to your hand too. Therefore, when you wash your hands, it is encouraged that you do not take off your jewellery and wash it alongside. Some soap and water would be best to get rid of unwanted germs from the jewellery and your hands.

Go For a Regular Jewellery Cleanse

There are some jewellery items that don’t work well with water. For example, silver might tarnish or lose its shine if washed with soapy water.

Therefore, for such jewellery and your other ones too (gold, platinum, etc.) – it is recommended that you go for a regular jewellery cleanse.

This means having the proper equipment to make your jewels absolutely spick and span. If you specifically want something for your silver jewellery, go for the Town Talk Silver Anti-Tarnish Polish.

However, a better yet equipment suitable for most sorts of jewellery will be the Town Talk Double Tank Ultrasonic Cleaner.

This not only eliminates dry dirt off the jewellery, but also cleans it thoroughly – through the carvings and the hoops for a deep cleanse.

For the best precaution when wearing jewellery during such troublesome times – opt for the deep cleanse.

Do Not Use Sanitizer on Organic Gems

While the novel corona virus has left us washing hands half the time, in the other half – we are using sanitizers.

When entering a shop, sitting in our car, or simply touching something off the rack; a sanitizer immediately comes out of our handbag as we wipe our hands clean.

Unfortunately, since hand sanitizers or some other anti-bacterial soaps can contain harsh chemicals, it is unwise to use them on some kinds of jewellery – especially those with organic gems.

If you love wearing pearls, opals, or even corals, they would either have to take a backseat during these coronavirus times. Or, a better possible way could be to clean them in other ways and keep them away from sanitizers.

Avoid Wearing Watches

Unfortunately, if there is one accessory that is probably best left in a drawer during this pandemic – is the watch.

The problem with a watch is, many are not waterproof, and those that are – primarily aren’t soapy water proof.

Therefore, while you can wear the watch matching your attires, it can be a tad bit difficult to de-contaminate the watch after it’s been outside. Thus, it is suggested that you do not wear the watch in such times – and instead opt for other jewellery such as gorgeous gold bangles or armlets.

Thankfully, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers stores a wide collection of gold and diamond jewellery to fulfill your needs in such times.

Another plus point: We also have jewellery care products in store. From the jewellery cleaning cloth to the anti-tarnish polish and ultra-sonic cleaner – C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers has it all. Visit us or purchase online; to wear the jewellery the right way in these troubling times.

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