The Symbolic Paper

Sounds Strange! Did you recognize that the first customary anniversary gift is paper?

As time flies, you seriously do not know how. It has been a year and time to celebrate. Traditionally, the paper has been the first anniversary gift. A gift card, a message with flowers, it’s always been on paper. Gifting them the paper may look crazy, but for sure they will be taken by surprise which they have never received.

To know more, read on.

We always intend to gift that something memorable and unique, don’t we?

The gift that I recommend giving is on par with the tradition, where it is as rich as gold; and has a deep cultural significance in India. Plus reflects as a dominant asset and surest store of value. The only commodity with a traditional and emotional bonding, the paper that  has always been best-safeguarded wealth during financial uncertainties and inflation. Yes paper!

With the recent upheaval in gold prices, the risk of holding on to physical gold for future use looks unsafe at times.

That’s why – The Paper Gold™

An absolute safe form for an asset investment portfolio, that reflects the price of gold while not being gold itself, which means that gold will not be delivered in its physical form, but will reflect under your name/names on the paper, sufficient to cover all gold exchange or trading only through paper. They are one of the most personalized and unique first anniversary or any anniversary or birthday or important event gifting ideas.

Advantage of Paper Gold™.

This modern method allows one to get rid of owning physical gold, storage-related hassles yet secured having gold in your name/names. It is a safe method of holding and easy to be exchanged or cancel whenever required.


C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers understands the uncertainty of the future and has tailored requirements to help with “Unprecedented benefits for unprecedented times”, by introducing Contact-less -PAPER GOLD™, in terms of 22 Karat gold.

This Paper Gold™ is an advance booking of 22 Kt gold, a great option for gifting someone close to you. In addition,  having ample liquidity.

  • Buy Paper Gold™ in various denomination from 5 gm to 1 kg.
  • Hold upto 11 months.
  • Exchange for jewellery of equivalent weight.
  • Cancel and take your money back.
  • When exchanging for jewellery get the lower of buying rate or days rate whichever is lower.
  • When cancelling, take your money back at prevailing rate less buying/ selling rate difference (currently …- lower).
  • Physical delivery is allowed as Gold Coins of 22 KT or Gold Jewellery or Diamond Jewellery (with equivalent weight of gold) and all this anytime over the next 11 months.
  • No fixed/ lock-in periods.

Paper Gold™ is available in easy denominations of 5/10/15/20/25/30/50/100/250/500/1000 grams and in multiples to help you plan your redemption option. All you pay later is for labour, gems, diamonds, wastage, GST, etc., on ready stock jewellery. Ensure to purchase gold jewellery equal to or more than the weight of Paper Gold™purchased/ booked.

We hope you celebrate your special anniversary milestone by visiting any of the six magnificent showrooms or book online at or email us at: or or What’s app us at +91 9686101869.

We are eager to help you deliver your precious PAPER.

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