The Journey of Gold Jewellery From An Indian Woman’s Perspective

For a woman, jewellery is one of her most prized possessions.

Whether it is securely kept in bank vaults or in a safe at home; Indian women have always had a soft for jewellery – especially gold.

There really is something special in gold, isn’t there? From the yellow-ish hues to the personalization and durability it offers, gold has always been a favorite, and Indian women have forever been admired for their impeccable taste in gold jewellery.

Let’s take a walk down memory lane to see how gold filled the hearts of the women then, and now.

Jewellery in Traditional Times

Earlier times were all about long-term planning.

There was lesser impulse buying, and a lot of thought process that went on before a large amount of money was used to purchase even the smallest of gold jewellery.

Then, that same gold was treasured; kept safe for the use of the woman, and to be passed on in generations.

Let’s look at what gold jewellery meant back then:

Family Heirloom

When we say gold jewellery was kept to be passed on to the next generations, we really mean it.

Due to the durability of gold and its value in olden times, to be in possession of gold jewellery was considered a mighty deed. This was why when a woman purchased jewellery, especially heavy ones like bridal jewels, she would often keep it away to be passed onto her daughters or granddaughters.

Sometimes, the same jewellery was also made for all female children of the family, to turn it into a family heirloom – and legacy to be passed on.

Wedding Gift

Weddings and gold jewellery go hand-in-hand – don’t they? We can’t really imagine a wedding without jewellery, really. But this supposition, has a whole tradition behind it.

Weddings include a sacred bond formation between the bride and the groom. To make the event more blissful an give the woman something valuable of her possession to take to the new home, bridal jewellery was often imparted as a wedding gift.

Heavy choker-styled necklaces, long maalas, and gemstone-encrusted long drop earrings often made part of the usual bridal jewels.

A Symbol of a Married Woman

The connection of gold jewellery with marriage does not stop there. In fact, there are some specific jewels which were earlier thought to be symbols of the bride, and to be adorned by a married woman only.

One of these included the Nathni i.e. the nose ring or nose screw.

Savings for a Rainy Day

Gold has been held in high esteem and regard, back then also, and today too.

This is why instead of investing in shares, bonds, or other forms of securities, women in the past thought it better to invest in gold jewellery instead. When in a financial crunch, the jewellery could always be liquified at the local gold shop to get money– almost immediately.

Gold Today – Quirky & Fashionable

The Indian woman of today, however, is vastly different from the Indian woman back then.

Today’s woman has a love affair with gold jewels that extends beyond being mere bridal pieces. The jewellery today is more bespoke, has more character, and thus is a way to let the woman’s confidence shine through.

Buy to Flaunt

In the past, the woman may have bought gold jewellery to wear once on her wedding and then keep away until a special occasion arises – but not the girl today!

Today, women buy to flaunt. To don to the latest party and wear with designer attires. Even the idea of wearing heavy jewellery with eastern clothes has been challenged to a minimalist gold jewel style that accentuates western attires.

For example, when going to a glitzy party with her girlfriends, the Indian woman could dress up in a white shirt and cream high-waisted pants, topped with a lilac blazer and Amethyst gold drop earrings.

Hopping on the Trend Bandwagon

Today, wind spread internet connection and social media influx has meant trends enter and exit like a breeze on a moody day.

Fortunately, there is one trend that stays – Gold Jewellery.

While sometimes it may call for flora, other times initial-inscribed jewels might be trending.

The woman today makes sure to get on top of the trends, to keep her fashion game – at fleek!  


The past called for gold jewellery to serve as security for a rainy day. Today, people choose to invest in gold coins, bars, and even paper gold – to keep their investment valuable and portable!

While the designs of gold jewellery and its uses may have become slightly different now, one thing is clear:

The Indian woman loved gold jewellery then and loves it now.

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