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Have you often found a bit confusing with your wedding fingers, as some people alternate between the left and the right hand, and does the same finger adorn both the engagement and wedding ring

Traditionally different countries practice wearing them as per their custom both the men and women are seen wearing them on the fourth finger beside the pink finger on their left hand. In India, the ring finger differs between males and females, while males prefer wearing them on their right, while women wear them on the left hand. In countries like Germany, Ukraine, Norway, and Austria, people prefer wearing them on the right hand, considering it is an opinion of aesthetics, comfort level and preference more than culture and tradition. 

Often men prefer to wear their wedding rings on the middle finger, not to mean that they are not concerned with love and commitment to their partners but would be preferred to look more masculine and responsible.

The tradition of this romantic thinking is known to evolve during the Roman period, who believed that the vein of the ring finger ran directly to the heart and was known as ‘vena amoris’ and seemed fit for wearing the wedding band on that finger.

C. Krishniah Chetty Group has a range of featured ring collections from the stables of our award-winning designer. The designs created are unique, with inspirations flowing from the geometric shapes, combinations of gems, colours and textures. That is enhanced further by our best craftsmanship.

The Few Featured Rings:

The One-off Designs will set you apart to reflect your distinct personality of styling.

The Solitaire Designs are timeless expressions of love that make a statement lasting forever.     

The Stria Designs feature solid bands engraved with geometry rather than symbols and letters.

The Sesquicentennial Designs have 150 + years of C. Krishniah Chetty Group experience inspiring and fulfilling every customer satisfaction, each having been crafted professionally by our artisans and studio, who understand the depth of every heart.

The Nail art Designs collaborate with our designers to create one-of-the-kind rings for a truly one-of-a-kind piece.

The Dramatic Designs our designers draw their inspiration from drawing, arts, nature and architecture to conceptualize to make rings as beautiful as they can be.

With every happy anniversary, the gifting to the other half has led to stacking rings on the ring finger, expressing the bond of sharing. It is best to safe keep them during your activities like gardening, swimming, lifting heavy gym equipment and cleaning to avoid unpredictable damage to the jewel. When you see the metal bent, lustre loss, or damage in setting, get them reconditioned at our designated repair section in every showroom. Feel free to call C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers on +91 40001869. Shop at your convince by visiting our website

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