Reviewing Your Rate Protection Plan

In this blog, we shall focus on the need for periodic reviews and updates of the rate protection plan by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers. As well understood, gold is a widely accepted precious metal that serves as both a store of value and an investment. Like any other commodity or financial instrument, the price of gold can fluctuate daily due to various factors. A periodic review of planning needs is essential to constantly assess and evaluate the requirements of the goals and objectives. Remember that cyclic reviews are not one-time events. They are part of an iterative process that ensures continuous alignment with goals and changing circumstances.

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The Rate protection plan, designed by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, is a monthly savings plan that allows you to accumulate from Rs.500/- to Rs.1 lakh or more per month. Get ‘averaged rates’, benefits for your special days, and bonus discounts for on-time payments. Based on the fluctuating precious metal trade, a solution was developed to cater the customers to achieve their goals and objectives through the flexible payment plan to make adjustments based on changing financial circumstances or market conditions. Empower you to invest more when the gold price goes down or pay less when there is an upward swing, thus helping you make significant purchases.

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C. Krishniah Chetty Group of jewellers accepts payments towards this instrument by Post-Dated Cheques, Demand Draft, Cash, Credit Card and Debit Card. The Company accepts cheques, subject to realisation. A disciplined payment on time derives more benefits. In case you fail to make your payment within seven calendar days of your due date, the payment will be considered only as a late payment with no additional benefit accrued to such late payments. On completion of all instalment payment -plans, avail the quantities at credit in your account and accrued to buy from the entire range of jewellery, silverware, diamond and platinum jewellery available at our showrooms during regular working hours. Exempted from this programme is the sale of Coins and Bullions.

Visit any of our five magnificent showrooms to invest in the country’s first investment plan. For a detailed understanding at your comfort, Login or call us at +91 8040001869 or +91 8041001869 for more assistance.

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