Necklace & Neckline – Finding the Right Combination

We women have tons of clothes in our wardrobes. From funky tops to flowery dresses, strapless gowns to gorgeous saaris.

Yet, very less of us know how to style them well.

For us, accessorizing a dress with jewels seems like a matching game. Black pendant with a black gown, emerald necklace for a green top – you get the idea.

However, what we don’t usually pay attention to is the one thing that matters the most in choosing the right necklace: The Neckline.

The neckline determines the amount of skin, and the shape to be shown – and thus has direct impact on the necklace we decide to wear.

If you didn’t know the importance of necklines and necklaces before, fasten your seat belts for a guide through the world of jewellery and the right combos:

V-Necks and Angular Pendants

One of the most common necklines is the V-neck. From casual tops to flary angrakhas, the V-neck graces the neckline of many dresses in our wardrobe.

However, how exactly do we style the V-neck with a good necklace?

Go for a pendant. But not just any pendant. For a V-neck shirt or dress, choose a pendant that pulls the chain downwards in an acute angle – or simply put, pulls in a way to form a ‘V’ with the chain. Such an angled chain not only covers the skin and provides it the sparkle it needs, but also embraces the neckline as its own – forming the perfect combination.

If you are confused about the kind of angular pendant to wear, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers has wonderful ones like the classic 4-stone diamond pendant, and the sparkly diamond-encrusted pendant

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Strapless Tops with Statement Chokers

Whenever we wear a strapless top (or a tube top, as some may call it), wish to stand out among the ordinary. To become the center of attention.

Yet, what we seldom understand is that gaining all attention requires not just a gorgeous top, but also a statement choker that graces the neck and shoulders with grace and elegance. A pendant or dainty necklace shall simply not cut it.

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On the other hand, if you are going for a special event – perhaps an anniversary dinner – ditch crafty jewels for classic ones. Like this solitaire diamond necklace paired with a breathtaking strapless black gown and silver stilettos.

Regular chokers like those we pair with a regular denims and casual tops are also a no. Strapless tops call for heavy choker necklaces. If you like history and arts, you can surely opt for a vintage-inspired choker.

Plunging Necklines and Longer Necklaces

We usually have dresses with plunging necklines stored in one side of the cupboard – the side we usually only touch in special circumstances. When we have to go to a wedding, make our way to a glitzy event, or even a special date night (hint: the day he proposes!).

Such plunging necklines can also be considered like an elongated V-neck. Therefore – the right necklace for them has to be something angled right. This benefit comes with longer necklaces – the more the layers, the mightier it looks.

For such a necklace, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers offers many options. Yet, the following ones were love at sight for me.

Halter Tops and Dainty Pendants

If you are thinking who wears a necklace with a casual halter top – think again.

Most think the halter top does not support jewels. However, this is not true. Only, you need to know the right kind of jewellery to go with a halter top. That jewellery is a dainty pendant.

A halter top is something we wear on a casual beach day, jog around the block, or hang out with friends. Thus, it does not need any statement jewellery. No drop earrings or choker necklaces. Yet, what the neckline compliments is a dainty pendant.

Such a necklace comes on top of the covered area of the top, and sparkles in the distance. Thus, giving you just the right amount of glamour you need to style the halter top.

While you can go for abstract pendants or those with well-defined shapes, a simple infinity pendant, or heart-shaped one in this case works perfectly with a dark-toned halter top neckline.

Turtlenecks and Long Pendants

As fall season arrives, the heart yearns for a gorgeous turtleneck. As we unfold our favourite turtle-necked shirts from the ‘Winter’ box of clothes – of course we need to search for the right bling to pair it with too.

Luckily, long pendants – ones that reach up to our stomachs – work best in this regard. If you are feeling funky, you can go for ones like Skeleton heads or Guitars.

On the other hand, if you want to look your elegant best, a long classic diamond pendant with a gold chain works wonderfully well with an Emerald turtleneck sweater. 

Finally know what we mean by pairing the right neckline with the right pendant? It is time to finally give your clothes the glam they have always deserved.

Time to invoke the inner fashionista!

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