Improving the Work-From-Home Routine – Upgrading the Study Desk

As the world survives through COVID-19, there has a been a great transition to everything digital. From online educational courses to virtual meetups, the world seems to bond through these difficult times by taking the aid of technology. The change is so much so, that even the idea of “going” to work has been ditched in many industries and transformed into work-from-home strategies.

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As I open my laptop and begin my work for the day, procrastination strikes. From the chirping of birds to the plush sofa I seem to be laying upon, everything urges me to continue binge-watching Netflix, rather than completing my office work. What we need in such times is the perfect study desk. A table defined as per our needs and giving us the motivation to work. 

Let’s see how we can upgrade our study desk with the assistance of C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers:

The Ever-Important Stationery Stand

While a laptop or computer remains the most important item to have to commence your work-from-home routine, having the right stationery also remains equally important.

While you are on a call and have to immediately jot something down on paper, the pen comes as a rescue. When you are trying to brainstorm and work well using the spider web technique on paper, the pen comes handy. However, we can seldom find the pen on our work desk.

Underneath numerous papers or in the middle of a stack of books, the pen remains a scarce commodity which continues to escape and vanish the minute we let our eyes off it – how peculiar indeed.

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With the help of a gorgeous silver-plated pen stand from C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, you not only give the pen its due limelight and credit, but being on the stand ensures your pen does not run off in the distance.

Place it on your study desk for a classy vibe.

Classic Bookends

Whether it is the study desk of a student struggling through online exams or an individual trying to adapt to a good work-from-home routine, the table is usually cluttered with a number of books. This not only proves a disturbing sight, but the disorganization serves as further discouragement from being our most productive selves.

What do we need in this regard? A massive bookshelf to stack our books? Certainly not. While a bookshelf shall prove perfect in this sense, not everyone has the room (nor the funds) to house a massive bookcase. Therefore, bookends come to the rescue.

As two detached objects, bookends have exactly the task their name exclaims: to be placed at the end of books, to keep them upright, and joined together.

Considering I am an avid book reader with a love for aviation, the silver-plated propellers bookends were a love at first sight for me. A classic to be on the table, they shall not only keep my books together, but also keep them organized – giving me more space.

The Timeless Table Clock (Pun-Intended)

A must-have item on the study desk is also a table clock. While you might be thinking why we need a table clock when we already have the time displayed on our mobile screens – there is a need. Having a table clock prevents yet another unnecessary reason to be looking into our mobile screens. How many times has it been that you began work, yet simply looked at your cell phone for checking the time and boom! – half an hour has passed, and you are still scrolling through Facebook.

For this purpose, investing in a subtle and appropriate table clock for the work desk is an absolute must. Confused what clock shall be apt in such case? Have a look at this silver-plated table clock by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

A classic table clock giving vintage vibes, it certainly inspires us to put in our 100% in work.

Fire and Light, and All Things Bright – a Candle Stand

If you want to create a certain lively mood in your study room, you need the right lights. With the idea of scented candles taking the market by storm, people have resorted to enlightening such candles on dinners, movie nights, and now – for their work-from-home routines.

Yet, having a bare candle on your desk certainly bears the risk of wax droppings and thus the need arises for a minimalist candle stand.

If you have a small study desk and thus wish for a thin and long candle stand, this silver-plated pair of candle stands is certainly the one to have. Keep one or keep both, the choice is yours.

When your work-from-home routine runs the risk of electricity shortages, a candle stand on the study table becomes a necessity rather than just the means of setting a mood. Thus, getting a silver-plated three-candle stand such as this one proves most apt; giving us enough light to continue our work without any hindrance.

Hate procrastinating and wish to become productive in your work-from-home routine? It is time to upgrade your study desk with some help from C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

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