How to Pop the Question?

Unique Proposal Ideas!

Everybody fantasizes about their future.

The family they shall have. The house they will live in. The kids they shall bear – and of course, the story they will tell the kids.

As many of us binge-watched “How I Met Your Mother” on Star World, a thought often crossed our mind; how will we tell our kids about how we met?

While some wish for a hilarious proposal story, others look for adventurous ones instead. But everybody has one thing in common – all of us want a romantic, and memorable proposal story.

While this might put some extra pressure on the men thinking to pop the question – well, it is what it is.

This is why, we, at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers are here to help you come up with the some of the most unique proposal ideas. Rest assured, considering the quarantine, they aren’t ones concerning a lot of people nor any violation of social distancing.

Let’s begin the ideas:

Be the Chef for a Night

While the lockdown persists and dining out in a restaurant remains a tad bit risky – this is all the more reason to have your romantic night at home.

While you may have had countless dates in five-star restaurants or hotels, when you are thinking to pop the question; make it unique.

Opt for something you haven’t done before, and that shows your special someone just what she means for you.

A candlelit dinner works best in this regard. But what is better than a romantic candle-light dinner at home? A candlelit dinner that has been prepared by you!

Figure out what the love of your life absolutely loves to eat and learn how to make the dish for her.

Schedule a wonderful dinner – just the two of you – at your abode, cooked by yours truly. Finish it up with a coffee session on the balcony, with her gazing at the sky, and you; at the love of your life.

Get down on one knee, the classic diamond ring in one hand and ask: “Will you be the caramel to my Frappuccino?”.  

Create a Short Movie

Life is like a reel of special moments, and a special occasion like this certainly asks for a trip down memory lane.

Therefore, we at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers suggest that if you want your proposal to be unique and memorable – go big.

Just how Justin Baldoni proposed to Emily, the love of his life, we suggest you opt for a similar approach.

Film some of your best moments together; from images to videos to photo-booth fun and of course, quirky tiktok videos. Ask for short clips and testimonials from friends and close family.

Another thing that can truly make your movie stand out – Visit her parents and ask for their blessing in the (future) marriage and add that to the video.

While you compile your beautiful and love-filled journey in the form of a short move, finish it with you beginning to get down on one knee, and a slogan – “Look behind you”.

There you shall be, right behind her, down on one knee, with a gorgeous and unconventional diamond ring in your hand.

Don’t Buy One Ring – Buy Many!

Another way to truly make your proposal stand out; do what no one does.

Triple-Diamond Ring

This means, while it is usual to buy one ring for your beloved as the proposal ring, you can choose to spice things up a bit.

Classic Diamond Ring

Get a number of rings for her; perhaps one to signify each year of your relationship (3 year strong means 3 rings!). Or jump on the current trend of stackable rings. Modern and minimalist, C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers have a beautiful collection of stackable rings.

Diamond Open Setting Style Ring

Write for Her

Another way to propose is to bring back the classics.

From the glories of Heer and Ranjha to the loving tale of Romeo and Juliet, you can invoke your inner Romeo by penning down your feelings for your beloved.

Whether you are good in writing prose or poetry – the important thing is to write. Pen down what you feel about her, how your journey has been, and how you think about your future to be.

If you don’t do love letters of romantic poetry, choose a song. Write its lyrics or sing an already-written romantic song for her.

Be romantic, be honest – be you.


A proposal is not a little feat. It is the stepping-stone into a newer life – the foundation of the partner for your future 7 Janams. Therefore, when deciding to propose, make it memorable, unique, and truly romantic.

Keep dropping hints before the special day, to figure out how your beloved wants to be proposed. Perhaps she has a dream proposal.

It is up to you to find out and execute – for the start to a happily ever after.

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