Beautifying India – New Jewellery Trends to Watch Out For

2020 has begun as a year of troublesome times with the pandemic of COVID-19 distancing (pun intended) us from the world. It seems we have been thrown into a situation with nothing much to do or look forward to. However, even in such fearful times, one thing that surely lifts my spirits are my jewels.

Jewellery holds much more significance than mere objects of beautification. It holds a meaning, a story. As I slide the single-diamond studded ring gifted by my mother on my index finger, I am reminded of the warmth of her embrace. When I look at my silver pendant necklace, albeit small and inexpensive, I am reminded of my first salary when I bought this for myself. Such is the charm of jewellery for me, and many more.

This is why I search for jewellery collections which invoke my memories and exclaim far more than what the eye can witness. My search ended at C. Krishniah Chetty, with collections that spoke to me. One look at the Mughal-inspired necklaces, and I was immediately transported to the glory of the era; breathtaking architecture to the gorgeous women laden with gold jewellery. With touches of modernity, the older eras seem fused with the British Raj to produce jewellery fit for the Maharajas, and it comes as no surprise that C. Krishniah Chetty were the appointed jewellers of Maharaja of Mysore, back in the day.

Therefore, this year I have decided to lift my spirits and bring the lost sparkle to life by donning jewels which exclaim much more than beauty. Full of life and history, I intend to purchase jewels with meaning and compassion in such troublesome times.

Wondering what’s trending in the jewellery genre post this COVID-19 year?

  • D Flawless Solitaires

When I think of the jewellery much needed in today’s times and how it should be, two words pop up in mind: Purity and Hygiene. Much to my joy, the D Flawless Solitaire Diamond contains both. A forever classic, the D flawless is one of the finest, cleanest, and purest diamonds gifted to us by nature. Whether you choose to buy a separate diamond, or have it embedded in solitaire rings – a lovely newer rendition to them is in the C. Krishniah Chetty Collection.

From single banded and single stoned to a fusion of bands of gold, and a single lifted studded diamond, this diamond solitaire beauty stole my gaze and has kept my heart bound since. A wonderful proposal ring, I imagine how breathtaking it would look with a white wedding gown. Alas, I am already married – but it sure will make a wonderful gift for my first anniversary. I intend to accidentally nudge my husband towards purchasing this beauty (wink, wink). 

  • Classic Gold Features

This year has marked a return of vintage, gold-laden, heritage jewels. From choker style heavy necklaces to Mughal-inspired long pendants, everything is in.

While I was not a big fan of gold jewellery, these inspired me to jump on the global bandwagon of heritage jewels, signifying not just sparkle – but an entire history of royalty jewels.

You could don a red Priyanka’s wedding look-inspired dress and pair it with a heavy golden choker and strings of gold and pearl.

Or, if you are going for a party, I can only imagine how surreal this 22 Kt Yellow Gold Yali-inspired necklace shall appear with a black saari and gorgeous smokey eye!

  • Astral Gemstones – Gorgeously Powerful in COVID Times too!

Many believe in the powers of stones, and during times of a prevailing pandemic, the belief has increased. Wearing of birthstones dates back to the Book of Exodus, and how specific stones aligned with our birth months come bearing special tidings for us.

The gemstone affiliated with May is the gorgeous Emerald. Once associated with love and fertility, it is now thought to bring wisdom and patience – much needed virtues during COVID-19.

Known as the “King of Gems” by Hindus, the red ruby on the other hand is thought to protect the wearer from evil – another reason to wear it during the pandemic.

Thankfully, the stones are available in multiple sizes by C. Krishniah Chetty Collection.

Gemstones are also known for their astral significance. Like Emerald represents the

Planet Mercury, Ruby represents the sun. however, it becomes difficult to predict the stone we should wear since this requires knowledge of astrology and accompanying astrological calculations. In such times, Mr. Nair the in-house astrologer for C. Krishniah Chetty Jewellers is the one to get a hold of. For appointments, click here

  • Pearls

Pearls have been going strong for a long time and don’t intend to stop anytime soon.

While the international Miu Miu collection also featured a pearl knotted necklace, there are several ways to accumulate pearls in our jewellery.

A personal favourite is in the form of minimalist pearl-drop earrings I can casually don with most attires and look simple yet elegant. I love to wear silk scarfs with solid-coloured dresses, therefore I prefer to wear earrings than necklaces since necklaces end up hiding in my neck scarf. Pearls and the ear are a great combination, and I found wonderful pearl drop earrings in the C. Krishniah Chetty Collections.  

Elegant and simple – you can make these your go-to earrings as they are bound to work well with most attires!

The combination of pearl and gold is certainly a great hit. Such earrings work wonders with eastern attires.

To add a hint of color to the earring, purchasing champagne-hued earrings

studded with diamonds and pearl drops can never go wrong. With pastel hues, it works well for a small party up to a wedding. Simply adjust your makeup accordingly and you are bound to stun!

Can’t wait to get your share of sparkles this season? Visit C. Krishniah Chetty Group Of Jewellers website for more designs!

Curated by Yagnika C. Cotha

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