Anatomy of a Heart reeling in LOVE

Heart-shaped diamonds are probably the most romantic and unique stones today. They are very popular in solitaire pendants as well as engagement rings. When choosing a heart shaped diamond, the most important characteristic is symmetry, two halves of the stone must be identical. The cleft should be sharp and distinct, while the wings should have very slightly rounded shape.

Heart shaped diamonds were crafted in the 16th Century. The well-known heart shaped diamond studded in a ring was present to the Queen Elizabeth in 1562 by Mary queen of Scots.

Due to its unique appearance, the cutting style is more important to give the wearer a feel of luxury.

Let us examine all important features of cutting style that one needs to consider before making a purchase.

Picture Credit – Diamond Buzz on Instagram

The Cleft

The inner facing point on the top of the diamond. The distinctive cleft makes a heart shape to be clearly seen when viewed for different angle. Look out that the point of cleft is not rounded off but should divide the bottom section as clear two separate halves.

The Lobes

The round portion on the diamond that creates the heart shape. Important that they are symmetrical with no obvious variation in lobe size. Equally sized and well rounded.

The Wings and the Belly

The shape along the sides of the diamond that is either to bulgy or narrow but shaped slightly rounded to give its effect of an ideal heart shape.


The tip at the end to be graceful to conclude its shape.

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