Aligning Stars, Illuminating Paths- An Astral Guide 

Do you believe that wearing a stone can alter your destiny, improve your health or make you more successful in life?  If you do, then you’re at the right place to learn more about the mystical powers of these Gemstones. If you don’t, then this will be a good place to start and understand the universal powers and how planetary motions affect our life, body and mind.

Vedic astrology believes that the position of the planets during the time of birth directly affects a person’s disposition. These planetary positions navigate strengths, weaknesses, successes, failures, financial status and health. It sounds too surreal, but like the famous American Astronomer Carl Sagan once said – “We are all made of star stuff”, and when you think of it, all the elements that make up a human body are all the elements that constitute a star. 

It has been believed for centuries that Gemstones, if worn correctly, have the power to alter our lives. Astral studies suggest that when birthstones receive cosmic vibrations from their respective planets, they enter our body and act as healing agents that eliminate the negative elements within us. This is why astrologers advise us to wear gemstones in such a way that it touches our body. This gives a path for the cosmic rays to enter the body and create positive changes. 

Each birthstone has its own specific mineral and colour with respect to the planet it represents. Wearing the right stone for the right planet at the right time can usher in immense benefits for the wearer. However, it is extremely crucial that we consult an astrologer to choose the right stone with respect to our birth charts. This is where astral services come into play. The right astral service is all about connecting the dots of destiny to unlock our minds and expand our horizons. And, all of this with the silent powers of these vibrant gemstones

We’re sure that you are now thinking how these different gemstones affect us. To learn about them, you have to first understand the planets and how they impact our daily lives. These ninevibrant stones and the planets that they adhere to go hand in hand to align stars and illuminate paths. 

Wear your space suits readers, and together, in a 9-chapter saga, let us embark on a journey through space and time to explore a cosmic connection that is as exciting as it is intriguing. 

Nine Gems. Nine Planets. Infinite Possibilities

Let us begin with the father planet – Sun. Sun is responsible for our personality and ego. An individual with a well-positioned Sun in their birth chart has all the potential to be a very influential leader. The gemstone that represents the Sun is the Ruby. The energy of this birthstone is believed to bring in warmth, comfort and love. It can also build self-confidence and vitality to usher in power, position and security.

Let the Sun in you shine bright. 

The Moon is referred to as the luminary of emotions and the mind. It plays a crucial role in emotional responses, instincts and reactions to various situations. An individual whose birth chart falls under the Moon is driven by emotions (depending on which house the moon resides in). The Pearl is the birthstone that represents the Moon. It is believed to act as a helping hand in fighting the ill effects of the Moon’s positions and helps in combating depression, anxiety and short temperedness in the individual who adorns it. 

Let the pearl guide you even on the darkest of nights. 

Mercury is the prince among the assembly of the nine planets and it rules over communication, expression, reason and intellect. The Emerald is the gemstone corresponding to Mercury. A person who wears this birthstone is believed to be gifted with a sharper mind, better decision making ability and clearer thoughts. 

Wear it to embrace the green side of life.

Venus governs matters of love, art and creativity. It is also deemed to be the planet of beauty, luxury and virtuosity. The Diamond is the designated gemstone that represents Venus. It is believed that people who pair well with Venus in their horoscope can achieve happiness in love, relationships and creative endeavours while wearing this gemstone

It’s time to shine, like only a diamond can. 

Mars rules over attributes like passion, anger, relationships and war. The Red Coral is the gemstone that is associated with Mars. According to vedic astrology, people whose Mars is weak or afflicted in their birth chart can benefit greatly by adorning this birthstone. It is also said to make the wearer more courageous and fearless, catalysing the bravery trait associated with the planet. 

Find your red and embrace your true might. 

Jupiter represents prosperity, positivity and good luck. The Yellow Sapphire is the birthstone that correlates to Jupiter and is said to enhance all the positive powers of the planet. Wearing thisgemstone increases ambition, wisdom and confidence while attracting good luck and wealth.

Dwell in your yellow. Be the bigger person, just like your planet. 

Saturn is believed to be the planet of darkness and confinement. It is impartial, lethargic, inactive and malefic while also governing judgement, life lessons, discipline and fear. The Blue Sapphire is the gemstone that aligns with Saturn and individuals going through changes due to the motions of Saturn are best benefitted by wearing this birthstone. This stone represents the coolest and the deepest colour of the spectrum and enhances relaxation, calmness and satisfaction for the wearer. 

Wear it, put your incessant worries to rest and embrace your cool blue self. 

Rahu is considered as a shadow planet according to our Solar System, but in vedic astrology, the planet holds immense influence. It is believed to make its natives secretive and defiant. Hessonite is the birthstone that compliments Rahu, and is said to block all the ill effects of the planet in an unfavourable position. Wearing this gemstone can help the individual in embracing success, good health and wealth. 

Imbibe its positive energy, counter the negativity.

Ketu is considered to be a domineering and antagonist planet. A weak Ketu can bring in negative effects unlike any of the nine planets into an individual’s life. Hence, timely correction is pivotal for people falling under the wrath of this planet. TheCat’s Eye is the gemstone that corresponds to Ketu and is used as a perfect solution to overcome the planet’s ill effects. The birthstone brings in peace, health and prosperity while also protecting the wearer from any misfortune that life can bring. 

Keep your luck shining bright, just as a cat’s eye shines even in the dark. 

Now that you know about the nine special gemstones of vedic astrology, you’re at a good place to start. Go on, explore the prowess of these birthstones and see how they can conspire with the universal powers to enhance your life. Once a privilege enjoyed only by royalty, today, just about anyone can afford a gemstone and harness its healing powers

However, a word of caution. Always consult anastrologer so that you know the right gemstone for you and can reap maximum benefits.  At C. Krishniah Chetty Group, we house a team of experiencedAstro and Gemstone consultants who point you in the right direction as you take the leap and adorn your gemstone

Book an appointment with them now and embark on your journey into the cosmic realms. And always remember that with great power comes great responsibility, so choose wisely and let the stones work their magic. 

Get the most out of the power of your birthstone, consult our inhouse astrologers.

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