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Peridot is a Gemstone often cut into various shapes and styles to enhance its beauty and display its unique properties. The cutting style of a Peridot Gemstone can influence its appearance, sparkle, and overall value. Some of the cutting styles for Peridot include rounds, ovals, Emeralds, pear, cushions, marquise, trillion, baguette and designer laser cuts. The numerous facets of the Gemstones maximize the brilliance and sparkle. While a few look enchanting in their natural forms as tumbled stones or when shaped as a cabochon, these styles highlight the natural colour and inclusions of the Peridot, bringing more affinity towards them.

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A glimpse into the Crystal Museum Salon remains incomplete if you miss the Rare Gem Collection that comprises a wide range of faceted gems at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers. We recommend that while you browse, select a Peridot with a specific cutting style and consider the factors such as the Gemstone’s colour, clarity, size, and the type of jewellery to be studded. Each cutting style can bring out distinct aspects of the Peridot beauty, so choose the one that appeals to your taste and preferences. Here is a list of salient features on the overall appeal when they are faceted. 

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1) Round Brilliant Cut: One of the most popular and classic cutting styles that features a round shape with numerous facets to enhance brilliance and sparkle.

2) Oval Cut: An elongated outline with a curved shape like an egg that offers the brilliance of a round cut with uniqueness shape.

3) Emerald Cut: The rectangular shape with trimmed corners with large facets creates a “hall of mirror” effect.

4) Pear Cut (Teardrop Cut): A combination of a round with a tapered point resembling a tear or a droplet. It is a versatile cut that is used in diverse types of jewellery.

5) Cushion Cut: A square or rectangular shape with rounded corners, creating a soft and slightly vintage appearance.

6) Marquise-Cut: The boat-shaped features an elongated shape with pointed ends designed to create an illusion of greater size.

7) Trillion Cut: A triangular cut used as accent stones that highlight three equal sides and pointed corners.

8) Baguette-Cut: A step-cut style with a rectangular shape and straight facets commonly used as side stones in jewellery settings.

9) Cabochon Cut: Unlike the faceted cuts mentioned above, a cabochon cut has a smooth, polished, and rounded surface without facets. This style highlights the colour and natural inclusions of the peridot.

10) Mixed Cut: A combination of elements of both step cuts (such as emerald cuts) and brilliant cuts (such as round cuts), featuring both larger facets and smaller facets to create a unique play of light.

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Exploring different Gem cutting styles can be a fascinating journey into the world of Gemstones and jewellery. To get mesmerized take a glimpse at our Crystal Museum Salon at take a glimpse at our Crystal Museum Salon at Touchstone on Main Guard Cross Road (on the right) to see the brilliant rounds to unique marquises. Discover the artistry that transforms Gemstones into treasures with unique laser cut styles by our professional lapidaries, who possess the skills and knowledge while preserving the integrity and beauty of the Gemstone, utilizing a focused beam of light to make precise cuts on the Gemstone surface to improve the Gemstone overall appearance and symmetry. They often bring out intricate designs by creating unique patterns, engravings, and custom shapes that might be challenging to achieve with traditional cutting methods resulting in utterly unique and one-of-a-kind Gemstones. These patterns range from floral to geometric shapes, adding a personalized touch to the Gems. Like creating textures on metals, laser cutting has helped to create textured effects on the surface of the Gem, adding depth and visual interest to the Gemstone. Another exciting feature is working around the inclusions by turning them into artistic creativities rather than calling them flaws. 

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C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers invite you to a captivating realm of art, science, and beauty that can truly be appreciated by those interested in jewellery and Gemstones. Visit our magnificent showrooms to transform your rough thoughts into radiance with our customised Gem cutting! Call us at +91 8040001869 or +91 8041001869.

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