4 Ways To Make Your Wedding Jewellery Shine

When a girl plans her wedding, most items of her “look” for the day are pre-planned to perfection. Of these, usually the first is jewellery.

The Might of Wedding Jewellery

Wedding jewels are not like the jewellery we wear to a friend’s birthday, wedding, or a casual date night. Instilled with magic and bonded by love, the right kind of wedding jewellery makes a bride radiant and glowing.

Do you have your special day coming up? Are you still confused about the wedding to wear?

Don’t be. Let the experts at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers guide you to the perfect wedding jewellery styles that will make you poppin’.

Make Your Jewellery, The Star Of The Wedding

Here’s how you can make your jewellery shine:

  • Go Larger Than Life

A wedding only happens once in your life. So, you are allowed to go all out!

When choosing your wedding jewellery, opt for larger neckpieces, heavy chokers, grand jhumkis, and a maang teeka that turns heads.

Instead of choosing minimalistic diamonds, go for traditional yet modern all-gold looks, such as with this heritage gold necklace adorning your neck – and become the bride of the year!

Somebody once said go large or go home, and we think the wedding is the perfect day to put that plan in action and make your jewellery, the star of the evening.

  • Choose To Go Bold

Most contemporary brides wear only a few colours in their wedding jewellery. Some choose to go all-gold, others wear purely diamond sets, and a few others add hints of red in their jewellery pieces.

Yet, if you want your jewellery to shine, you need to take a different route. Deviate from the usual hues and choose to go bold instead. You have two options:

  1. Wear a neckpiece that matches with your attire
  2. Choose a necklace that plays an aesthetic contrast

Those who want a matching look can choose the first option, and therefore make their jewellery colour’s choice upon the colour of their wedding dress.

But, for the adventurous ones who want their jewellery to do all the talking, the 2nd option is a trendy one. Pair a gold lehenga choli with this contrasting green gold choker-styled necklace for the perfect sangeet look.

Or, match red on red with a maroon saari and a bright red gold necklace on your wedding day.

Such bright hues are sure to leave you and your jewellery – shining.

  • Be Unconventional

A wedding is the day to go traditional – or so it is usually thought.

You can turn around the trends and create new memories by choosing an unconventional jewellery style for your wedding to make it shine.

From distinct shapes to trendy cuts and bold hues; choose your level of eccentric and make the purchase!

Here’s one particularly unconventional necklace option for a trendy, modern, aesthetic wedding emitting regal vibes:

  • Layering Beauty

If you thought layered necklaces were only a trend to be adopted with casual tees – think again!

Layered jewellery have been making a mark everywhere, especially in the wedding jewellery arena.

A great way to make your jewellery stand out on your wedding day is to layer a lot of it together, or choose one layered necklace, really.

Here’s an option:

With pre-made 4 layers, you don’t need to do a lot to make this jewellery piece shine. Pair it with a green choker necklace, some kundan jhumkis, and preferably a slightly deep-necked choli.

Set against your skin, the jewellery will shine – along with you!

Hear The Wedding Bells?

If your wedding is coming up soon, there’s no time to waste.

Pick your way of unconventionality – large, bold, eccentric, or layered – and head to C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers for the perfect wedding jewellery.

We await your arrival!

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