The Trendy Gemstone Earrings Collections by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers

Human has been exploring this planet’s crust for thousands of years. Amazing that the rockhounds keep unravelling something new for jewellery lovers to admire and cherish. 

The undaunting task of probing mother earth has revealed beyond thousands of different gemstones. Each gem reflects a story that has tempted humans to keep adorning them.

C. Krishniah Chetty Group has exemplified these natural gifts by incorporating them into fine jewellery to cater to the new generation and upheave is absolute as trends change steadily. People trend differently to different events. Out of the jewels collection, earrings are the most visible jewellery accessories that accentuate one’s look.

The new trend that has been catching up is the jewel-earring, embellished with all fabulous unique gemstones. 

C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers keep innovating new collections with the seasons. Every individual piece vouches for its appeal within the parameters of dressing, crafted in yellow, white or rose gold to complement your skin tone further.

Let me introduce you to the assortment of jewel – earrings. This authentic piece spells excellent craftmanship crafted to perfection to don your sumptuous attire and glam up your days’ outings and evening parties.

The Diamond Earrings
Diamond earrings unquestionably can never go out of style. These simplistic but classic timeless pieces of diamond studs still rock at weddings, formal occasions, red carpets and others. The diamond earrings work on all skin tones. When accentuated with other gems, they turn into pieces of high-end jewellery collections.

The Gemstone Earrings
The eccentric collection boosts earrings in an open setting in 18kt yellow, rose or white Gold and encrusted with a range of natural gemstones from impressive Tourmalines, Turquoise, Opals, Emeralds and Rubies. Enthral these warm shades to further your look at a party gathering, wedding or cocktail evening.

The Asymmetric Earrings
The latest jewellery trend of earrings allows being modified, detached and re-aligned as pairs to serve a variety that fits your style. A must-try something for a change!

The Cartilage Ear Pins
The Cartilage ear pins are creative pieces to be worn on the helix without piercing as they snuggly fit around them. These precious metal-framed earrings undoubtedly catch the attention of everyone around. These earrings are often unified with gemstones, pearls and beads to accentuate their look.

The Cirque Collection
C. Krishniah Chetty Group is always enthusiastic to layout unique designer earrings that reflect Indian culture with designs that are a perfect blend of Indian motifs, which goes well with all occasions.

The Art Earrings
Handmade jewellery with a classic and lasting look that is dainty and sexy.

C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers have been crafting and personalising every wish of clients in precious metals, diamonds and gemstones, maintaining the heirloom of quality, ethics, and sustainable best practices. Please take your time to find a lot of jewellery information, including jewelry care, jewellery wearing guide, jewellery, and so on at Visit our website at for online shopping or reach us at 080 40001869 for personal assistance we are eager to assist.

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