Contemporary Ruby Jewellery-The Trend Spotter

Contemporary Ruby Jewellery-The Trend Spotter

C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers offers plenitudes of contemporary jewellery trends with Gem Rubies to celebrate the July born.

Ruby’s captivating red hue continues as a timeless gemstone, inspiring our designers and fashion enthusiasts to keep reinventing a fresh and exciting twist. Join us as we explore the current trends in contemporary Ruby jewellery, along with their influences in shaping modern fashion that has brought focus on innovative designs, statement pieces and the enduring allure in the current fashion landscape with this cutting-edge jewellery collection that is on the rise.

1. The Simplicity

The trend of adorning large jewellery is slowly being restricted to weddings, parties and occasions. The state of the art of contemporary jewellery has recently caught the attention of embracing minimalist artistic designs that convey simplicity and grace. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers has streamlined these sleek settings, clean lines and minimalist aesthetic jewellery, with Rubies taking centre stage with a modern twist on classic elegance, making them perfect for everyday wear and versatile styling.

2. The Winning Combination

With innumerable high jewellery created over the decades, something is interesting each time, C. Krishniah Chetty Group, reimagines the silhouette of blending gems in a variety of metals.  Our designers are pairing Rubies with a variety of metals, including Rose Gold, Yellow Gold, and White Gold, to create captivating contrasts and unique colour combinations. This mixing of metals adds a contemporary and eclectic touch to Ruby jewellery.

Additionally, Rubies are combined with other Gemstones, such as Diamonds or Sapphires, creating captivating and harmonious compositions that cater to modern tastes.

3. Unique and Artistic Designs

The charm of contemporary ruby jewellery is pushing the boundaries of traditional aesthetics producing bold and sculptural pieces that make a statement. From abstract-inspired Ruby rings to asymmetrical Ruby earrings, these unique designs showcase the creativity, individuality of both the designer and the wearer. These artistic pieces not only elevate the style quotient but also serve as wearable works of art.

4. Layering and Stacking

There’s nothing more fun and trendier than layering and stacking Ruby jewellery, allowing individuals to create personalized and multi-dimensional looks. A range of delicate Ruby necklaces of varying lengths are available on the shelves at all our magnificent showrooms of C. Krishniah Chetty Group, have them layered to achieve a stylish and effortlessly chic effect, combined with stackable Ruby rings, adorned with multiple Rubies or combination with other Gemstones, add a touch of glamour and individuality, the combination offers endless possibilities to showcase your unique style.

5. Redefining Bridal Jewellery

The latest trends entwined around the modern brides are the options of flaunting engagement rings and wedding bands featuring rubies as the centre piece. These unique and unconventional choices symbolize individuality and a break from traditional norms. C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers offers a bold, fresh and innovative approach to these timeless Gemstones to captivate fashion enthusiasts with its vibrant red hue and timeless allure. Let the beauty and modernity of Ruby jewellery inspire you to embrace your unique style and make a fashion statement that reflects your individuality in the modern era.

Did you know?

The world’s largest pigeon blood ruby is the Sunrise Ruby, which weighs 25.59 carats. This gem is one of the most expensive coloured gemstones and the most expensive ruby in the world, to be auctioned for a record price of US$30 million (INR 24.70 Cr) in Geneva.

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