The Popular Choice of Minimalistic Designs for Millennial Women

The millennials are ruled by their mind, as this tech-savvy young generation are conscious of what they want and what they like. Their informed and educated decisions along with the enjoyment of greater buying power, especially in jewellery have created a sense of fashion that revolves around bold colour combinations, an eclectic mix of geometric designs, layering of jewellery or stand-alone and finally, must-haves, all adding a touch of luxury to their outfit.

Keeping up with the wants of this ever-thirsty folk and discovering their needs, C. Krishnaiah Chetty Group of Jewellers has crafted the hottest Millennial trend that is more tempting to fill the voids in your jewellery wardrobe. These trendy jewels can be worn for the office, an evening party, or whenever you experiment with your style quotient.

Is it not thrilling to wear these earrings with cascading gemstones? There is nothing! More glamorous than celebrating modern simplicity with rows of stunning diamonds and enchanting gemstones.

The continuation of the layering trends, with mixed metal stack and the bold combination, has grabbed the attention with the exclusive chain with pendant collection that embraces the pop of colourful gemstones, with changeable of-course, which every millennial prefers when layering along with unusually varying chain lengths.

Moving along the lux ramp, behold the beauty of the finger rings with the blush emitting from the precious gems, cut to perfection and laid gently along the artistic designs in finger rings – a timeless piece of jewellery that embodies the emotional bond.

The millennial designs are created, with a distinctive touch that makes them wonderful gifts for someone special or when shopping for yourself. So go ahead and treat yourself to an exceptional sparkling piece from a vast inventory of timeless chains with pendants, charms bracelets, necklaces and earrings, which are the most sought-after pieces.

You deserve a break! 

Do not forget that we also strive to produce your personalised creative thoughts into jewels with a sleek modern edge, and a-trendy look, and further personalised with an engraving to keep your memories from fading away.

The ethics and the brand ethos are so transparent, making it a strong differentiator that millennials trust the C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers. A quick peek at our online store on tells you everything you need to know, along with what’s brewing across all our magnificent showrooms. 

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