The Perfect Ring for the Perfect Outfit

As we dress to impress, our attire speaks volumes for our personality. Dangling earring for the bold and beautiful, long, flowy dresses for those who wish to make an entrance, and high pencil heels for the ones who wish to create a long-lasting impression.

Yet, as we are dressed head to toe in our favourites, something remains missing. The bling to our fingers, of course! Without donning the perfect ring, the look remains incomplete and craves for something more.

Luckily for us, rings are not regular jewellery items to just making you one of ‘them’. Wearing the right ring which connects with you can certainly make you one of a kind – standing out in a crowd like a star in the sky.

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Curious about the kind of rings that go with each outfit? Let’s dive in!

Statement Rings

If you are the sort who likes their bling! to stand out – statement rings are for you. The right accessory for the confident and heart and elegant by features, the statement ring is a jewellery item which does not blend in with your attire. Instead, it does as is expected of it – makes a statement.

If you are an award ceremony for your achievements, a great way to accentuate the long gowns and elegant dressing would be by way of a statement ring. Conversely, if you are heading a meeting and use loads of hand gestures, one great way to ensure everybody has their eyes on you (and ears on what you are saying) is by adding the shine to your hands.

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While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, the shine can be courtesy of a classic multi-banded diamond ring from C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers. While if you wish for breaks of colour, a classic gold ring with hints of blue can be just the thing you desire.

Stackable Rings

All of us have heard the phrase less is more. Yet, this season is a celebration of the more the merrier. The idea has gained popularity through the introduction of stackable rings. Confused what is a stackable ring? These are rings (plural), worn one over the other and have either a single colour tone, or similar design feature running through. While you can wear as many as you want, an appropriate number of such rings that seems to suit the hands of all is 3 rings.

For example, there are many rings in the collections by C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers that will serve as wonderful stackable rings. Ones that inspired me (i.e. the minimalist at heart) are these classic diamonds rings with hints of gold and subtle designs.

Wear the classic diamond ring with a single center-piece at the bottom.

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Wear the diamond ring with the double center-piece over it.

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And top it off with a classic diamond bow ring.

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Funky Rings

The jolly at heart crave rings which represent their personality. This means, instead of going for the usual diamond and gold rings, they go for class with a hint of humour and funk. From animal-print rings to ones in unique shapes and sizes – all shall be available in the jewellery box of the one who loves funky rings.

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This 4-petalled ring classic gold ring is a good example of a funky ring. Bound to go with a variety of attires, you can pair it with eastern or western styled clothes and stun each way.

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Conversely, I know many who do away with the nature-inspired rings and instead turn to romantic ones. A heart-shaped classic diamond ring by their husband is exactly the kind of funky yet memorable ring they love to wear everywhere. 

The Ring for the Minimalist

There are many who simply don’t like wearing jewellery. No statement rings, no stackable rings, and certainly no funky jewellery pieces. However, does this mean they shall have to live their lives without the essence of the look-completer i.e. rings? Certainly not.

With ring bands, the minimalist is satisfied with a jewellery piece that isn’t flashy nor over-the-top, but just the right kind to wear everywhere. Wear it to work, wear it to college, or wear it as a wedding band – the sky is the limit to the multiple attires a ring band can work with.

C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers have a number of ring bands to choose from. Go for a simple platinum single-hued ring band.

Or add a hint of hint of colour and glamour to it with the classic platinum ring with a gold-hued outline.

Do you finally know what ring style connects with your personality? Visit C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers to find the perfect ring for the perfect outfit.

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