The Mystery under the UV

Gemstone are made up of minerals which has fascinated man since time unmemorable especially the one that have a magical appeal of distinct visual appearance due to their unique optical properties called as phenomenon. All gemstone are not phenomenon gemstone.

Fluorescence is a type of luminescence caused by photons exciting a molecule, raising it to an electronic excited state. From there it can return to the ground state by releasing the absorbed energy in the form of heat and by radiation in the visible or near-infrared spectral range of colors.

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Diamonds have this phenomenal characteristic of exhibiting visible light in different colors of tone and saturation. In fact, two diamonds may look the same in the daylight, yet so different under UV light. It is noted that 95% of all luminescent diamonds glow brilliant blue, the second most common color being yellow or green, and other colors such as white, pink, red and orange are rarer. This fluorescence is visible when they are in the vicinity of ultra-violet lamp. A few common sources of ultraviolet rays include sunlight, black lighting from nightclubs, and the fluorescent bulbs. This causes certain diamonds to emit a light or glow which is temporary and stops once the ultraviolet light source is removed.

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There are five levels of diamond fluorescence described by the GIA: None (i.e. no fluorescence), faint, medium, strong, very strong.

The belief that blue fluorescence has a negative impact on diamonds’ visual beauty and value is nothing more than a myth.In fact, the fluorescence improves the diamond’s appearance by making the stone look more colorless without any negative side effects.

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The question of whether this is a positive or negative trait is actually quite a debated subject. There have been many different opinions on the matter which both argue very true statements.

The recent trends of using diamonds phenomenon can be reversed, depending on the individual stone should be considered a positive trait or not, will depend entirely on the color of the diamond and the color of the glow.In fact, fluorescence is a valuable identifying feature of natural diamonds and can add to the aesthetic beauty of the stones.

However, the trend can sometimes be reversed, depending on the shape of the individual stone, color of fluorescence and intensity,which has given our designers a fun factor to think out of the box to design  jewellery  using diamond in combination with gems like rubies, spinel’s and sapphiresto play on the concept of day-to-night jewellery, with the diamonds and gems offering a classic look during the day, and then lighting up when under UV lights – making them perfect jewels to wear to an evening event. Their transformation remains a secret, revealed only at their owner’s discretion, or by the dazzling strobe light.

Wow! Will they glow on the party stage? YES, certainly they will come to life!

Fluorescence is an exciting feature that makes diamond more unique. The luminescent glow can enhance the beauty of your stone, so do not judge a diamond by its fluorescence!

At C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers we have ensured to pick the best diamonds even if we sell a stone that has strong fluorescence, we make sure that the fluorescence is not affecting the brilliance of the diamond in any way. Its exemplary cut proportions have made our diamond only more sparkling. That it has nothing to do with fluorescence or not. Crafting them with detailing to bring the message depicted to the simple initialsand  lucky numbers can be incorporated. Or, for the more adventurous, our designer can attempt to visualize abstract concepts such as love, symbols, abstract art, using the medium of fluorescent diamonds in our customization in micro setting, a technique that uses a microscope to set tiny diamonds, with a minimal amount of metal covering the stones, is essential to make sure that the ‘hidden message’ becomes visible and discernible at the right moment.

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So,don’t let the old myth lingering you or being carried away by a “think they know it all” friend, who try to persuade you in one direction over the other. Trust the Jeweler who has decades worth of experience in the industry and make the decision you feel most comfortable with. Enjoy your diamonds for life and love it forever. 

Be a trend setter speak to our designers to customize your colorful dreams of bringing life under light.

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