Spices of the Earth Crust – Prasiolite

True, Gems are indeed the most stunning and passionate mineral products. Rapid advances in technology innovations have impacted the mining sector, profiting the man to arouse his excitement by discovering every part of the living continent, spurring the passion has led him to unearth some unusual gemstones that were untraced, even after thousands of years.

Amongst them, few have grown to popularity in a fleeting time. One such gem is the Prasiolites. Presently, being ranked among the most popular gemstone. This rare stone found in nature is often perplexed with other gems that resemble their hues, such as the Peridot, Green Tourmaline and Green Beryl.

With a standout discovery in 1950, this gem is new to the market with other gemstones. Prasiolite is a variety of quartz with a very light translucent green, the word Prasolite is used only for naturally occurring gems. Virtually all-natural Prasiolite came from a small Brazilian mine. Until a few more discoveries led to mining in Lower Silesia in Poland and the Thunder Bay area of Canada. The only mine to produce was in Brazil as of February 2019. But even these mines are now on the verge of exhaustion.

C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers carries with them a vast range of stylish and trendy jewellery that draws attention towards it with beautifully studded Prasiolite in large carat faceted into classic or complex cuts that are well-proportion to exhibit their best colour from the rough, translucent stone. Besides being paired with other gems, they create a WOW! to bring out the best. Apart from their beauty, this gem contributes to the physical and spiritual connection, also keeping the powers and pulsations close to your aura field thereby making it even more valuable.

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