Make Her Day with a Jewellery Soiree! Let’s Treat Her To All That She Deserves and More this Mother’s Day

She adores you, she adorns you.

A day in the year to celebrate her, barely does her justice. What can you give her this Mother’s Day that resides in her heart and her memories, just like you always do?

Source – The Bejewelled Past

In a veritable piece of modern Indian art by The Painter Prince, Raja Ravi Verma, we witness a loving Yashoda adorning a young Lord Krishna with jewels. Today, we may see its relevance as a metaphorical play on a mother adorning her child with the jewels of life – love, wisdom, values and the courage to face the world. She gives and she adorns with an unhinged selflessness that comes so naturally to her, just by virtue of being a mother. In a nutshell, her world revolves around you and she takes pride in making you her story, her pièce de résistance. She moulds you into a jewel that is ready to sparkle and shine its light. 

Now, it’s time to give back some of that sparkle. It’s her time to shine!

On this special occasion of Mother’s Day, celebrate her with a jewellery soiree. A return gift for all the jewels of life she has endowed upon you. Think of a personalised gift that is a remarkable token of your bond. A piece of jewellery she can wear along with her smile, that doubles as a keepsake of the past, is a tangible souvenir of the present and ushers the promise of a glorious future. Something that is quintessentially her and speaks to the spirit of her motherhood. 

After all, a well-thought-out jewellery gift is always about a story worth reminiscing or retelling.

Often, the intention to adorn a loving mother with a little more than your affection, is always on the list. While life gets in the way, plans change and time flies – a special occasion such as Mother’s Day is a sweet reminder to finally treat her to all that she deserves and more. If you are doing the last minute Mother’s Day shopping (as most of us are!), a jewellery soiree from the house of C. Krishniah Chetty is your ultimate calling.

Explore a curated list of heartfelt Mother’s day gift idea from C. Krishniah Chetty Group, ranging from elegant necklaces to personalised gift, guaranteed to make mom feel special on her big day. Immerse her in luxury with our handpicked jewellery gift ideas!

Bracelets from the C. Krishniah Chetty Group offer versatility and elegance. From sleek modern designs featuring geometric patterns to more ornate styles encrusted with rose cut diamonds and precious gemstones , each bracelet is a celebration of her unique style. Exuding glamour and charm, our majestic collection of bangles and adjustable bracelets are attuned to match her regal grace and goddess-like aura.

A brilliant masterpiece amalgamating the traditional with the contemporary, this bangle set in captivating cuts of marquise, pear, and round-shaped diamonds, is the one to set her apart from the rest.

These new jewels from C. Krishniah Chetty Group are crafted with the modern young mother in mind, merging timeless elegance with contemporary flair. These pieces aren’t just adornments, they are envisioned as future heirlooms, poised to be passed from one generation to the next. The careful blending of current trends with traditional craftsmanship ensures these pieces retain their allure and significance over time. 

Our selection of necklaces features designs that encapsulate both contemporary and classic aesthetics. This delicate necklace in 18kt gold and diamonds is simplicity personified. A single flawlessly cut diamond pendant dances in the light with every movement. Designed for the sophisticated and the unconventional, gift her a generational smasher in this avant-garde diamond necklace with cob emerald accents. For a more dramatic flair, consider our statement pieces that blend bold designs with ethereal gemstones, a tangible embodiment of her vibrant spirit and resilience.

Our earrings range from understated elegance to opulent designs, each crafted to be the centre of attention in any room. Opt for subtle elegance with our understated platinum and diamond studs or select from our more lavish options like drop earrings detailed with exquisite gemstones. 

Dazzling diamonds and vibrant emeralds come together in these gorgeously extravagant eardrops, made for the mom who loves her over-the-top drama.

A customisable ring is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for mom. Whether it is a sleek band inscribed with a heartfelt message or a majestic cocktail ring set with her birthstone, each design is infused with meaning. Our rings are personalised gifts crafted to be as unique as she is. With options for customization that include various metals, stones and settings, you can gift her a ring that truly resonates with her personal style and story.

Adorn the fingers you held as you first learnt to walk, with our mesmerising diamond rings. A perfect match for her classic feminine energy and endless strength.

For those who design to be extravagant in their special occasion gifts for women, our meticulously matched gift sets provide a comprehensive solution. Each set is thoughtfully composed to include pieces that are harmonious in design and function. Gift sets combine a delicate necklace and a pair of earrings, or other jewellery, each piece echoing a common theme or design element. An effortless gifting solution with pieces that work wonderfully as a set as well as stand alone statement pieces. Curated with intention and care, for the mom who deserves it all!

We hope that this curated compilation of jewellery gift ideas has given you a headstart into your quest for finding what’s perfect for her, this Mother’s Day. Remember how she knows you best and always seems to find you the most perfect birthday gift? Well, you know her best too! If a jewellery soiree is the best pamper fest you can gift her, you have all your pawns in place. 

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