Is there a need for Jewellery Valuation?

Of Course! Do you know how much are they worth today?

Inflation and increasing material prices and exchange rates mean that we would need to have our jewellery regularly valued. Right!

Another important aspect is abiding by the laws of the land. With gold jewellery inherited from generation to generation, you may be, required to disclose the same to the government while filing income tax returns when you exceed the threshold income tax slab as stipulated. Therefore, jewellery valuation is worth getting appraised by a reputable appraiser with experience every year.

Let me tell you what jewellery valuation symbolize. A jewellery valuation is a professional examination and appraisal of the jewellery. A jewellery value is determined to its correct monetary value based on the appropriate market, the date and specific purpose that we intended like insurance, foreign travel, family settlement, wealth tax, reasonable value or a purchase value.

A jewellery appraiser is a trained expert with valuable experience and vast knowledge counting specialised and period jewellery. These professionals examine and appraise the jewellery by detailing its complete description and verification of the jewels prominence or period to arrive at the correct monetary value, regardless of the sentimental importance of the owner, or very highly-priced and the uniqueness of the item.

Such defined, verified with a justified valuation in a printed format are considered especially important and is respected and trusted besides serving as a legally binding valuation document for authorities of various departments like insurance companies, police, tax authorities and joint family.

Such detailed documents can also serve as historical documents if you wish to auction them later, bearing in mind their uniqueness. It can serve as a document to portrait your wealth, what ancestors had in store for you.

A little advice is to have all your jewellery checked regularly. It is a good habit to ensure setting, polish and links to make sure everything is secure to ensure peace of mind! In case you are looking forward to any assistance in jewellery valuation. At C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, we offer these services with a small valuation charge for the time and expertise spent. Such valuation fees collected is credited into one of our entities – C. Krishniah Chetty & Sons Charitable trust, to be utilised later for the welfare of the downtrodden. You may please specify the purpose and intended use by providing details that may also include any previous valuations that you may have, reports or certificates of the gems, any receipts or relevant documents for reference.

We request you to fix an appointment beforehand to get your jewellery valuation as the task of appraising and valuation is time-consuming, please feel free to call on us at +91 8040001869 or +91 8041001869 for assistance.

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