How do I choose a perfect ring to surprise her!

Gifting on a special occasion for an engagement an ultimate dream coming closer sets a worried frown when it’s going to be an exclusive gift of my heartfelt love on her finger.


But! I would wish it is prefect gifting and she should be carried away with my selection and taste of finesse.  It is then the heads start rolling to analyse her finger ring size.

Then one of the most important details is the size when buying her a finger ring. Depending on the type of ring you buy, having it re-sized can be troublesome. Re-sizing  a plain gold band won’t be a tough job for any professional jeweller, but as you get into metals, such as platinum or if you select a band with diamonds all the way around it, re-sizing can be very difficult, expensive or even impossible.

Every human being is unique like our fingers on our hands some may be short, some may be long, some wide, some skinny or rather say slender. You need to also consider the typical nail length some manicured and shaped, some nails trimmed short or long. Longer nails lengthen the appearance of your fingers, so also become part of the comparison. Therefore, in respect to the above, choosing the right size and right ring for her finger becomes confusing. It is therefore very important to compare a ring that she already wears on the same finger and hand before deciding.

Fundamental is getting her finger ring size unknowingly this can be done asking her friends to help you out to borrow her ring (from the correct finger) and use the ring sizes available with the jewellers to determine its size.  If the ring sample has a thicker band choose the next size since thicker bands will feel tighter than the thinner bands. Ensure correctness that the ring should fit her finger comfortably; it should, of course, be snug enough so that it will not fall off, but loose enough to slide over her knuckle.

But, did you know that different styles of rings can flatter different finger type always available here a ring style and shape to flatter every finger and every hand while shopping at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers accentuating all the beauty while minimizing the things you don’t like.

Let us share you a little knowledge for your self-dependency while shopping a surprise for her, use these pointers to jumpstart your search and find the most flattering ring for her unique finger shape and size.

When looking at different rings, consider the length and width of her finger — along with the overall size of her hand – against a couple key things like

  •  Shape and size of the main stone
  •  Width and style of the ring itself.

The lesson of selection:

My girl with long thin fingers: Desired diamond shape for a ring is a princess and round brilliant cut diamonds that are especially flattering, when set in with wide bands to further complement the lengthy fingers to give a bold style. Check out if that style suits her

She is slim with slender fingers: Choose rings with small diamonds. Commonly known as melees in the diamond industry. Look for rings with thicker bands as they work well to create a wider illusion of the finger and highlighted with smaller diamonds.

Oh!  She has short fingers: Well don’t worry. Certain fancy cut diamonds especially the pear, oval, rectangular emerald cut, or marquise help lengthen the appearance of her finger. Check, for such setting in slender, narrow -width bands to help create the illusion of length.

Wide fingers this is a tricky option: Choose to present her a style that does not show too much skin on the either side of the ring, or finger as they may make it look obvious with width.

The true is wide fingers allow to have fun with a range of designs from classic to cocktail to funky, and to really make a statement. Therefore, while choosing chose a diamond shapes like an oval, marquise rectangular or emerald shape, don’t go for narrow stone it will make her finger look even wider.

Cluster rings and round diamond in larger settings flatter wide finger especially set in medium to thick bands. Fancy cut or laser cut gems in odd shapes and asymmetrical designs will reflect to minimise the width of the finger.

IF with big knuckles bones, distraction to the beauty of the ring: Select rings with heavier, thicker bands to draw the attention away to the ring rather than her finger.
It may not be true to hold only the finger accountable for the beauty the hand also has a lot to be considered.

Small hands: Need a small ring to keep the overall proportion in place when worn. Selecting rings with small round, princess-cut, oval or heart – shaped stones work very well.

Large hands: help choosing from a very wide range get anything that is bulky, chunky styles. You always have a room for creative designs looking at her personality.

Most importantly, try on different rings with salespeople around and see which shapes and styles look best for her. In the end, you’re the best judge of the perfect ring for her finger. Of course, her unique finger and hand shape is only part of what factors that helped you in choosing the perfect ring. Remember her personal style and lifestyle are equally important.

In spite of all this, if you’re really in doubt, it may be best to compromise and take her to the jewellery store with you. Even if she’s not blown away, at least she’ll have a ring that’s a perfect fit — in more ways than one.

Experience the luxury of shopping while at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers.

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