Garnet (Birthstone for January)

When we talk about making the most stunning jewellery, only one name pops up: Garnet.

 If you are born in January, you are certainly the luckiest person as you can flex the beautiful ornaments all day long. 


Garnets’ fashion dates back to the 18th and 19th centuries when it was frequently used in the Victorian era. This mesmerising stone also means a lot in Spanish astrology, where it is symbolised as the sun. 

These stones are generally used to symbolise love, friendship, and the healing of wounds between lovers. It was mostly loved by the Egyptian pharaohs who felt to have magic powers after wearing this gemstone.

Garnets were also loved by Greeks and Romans, who used to seal documents with a garnet signet ring. 

Amidst all the beautiful stones, why does Garnet stand out the most? 

The Reason: Its versatility of colours


The name Garnet originated from the Middle English word, which means “dark red.” So when we think of the word Garnet, only red-colouredjewellery pops into mind.

Nevertheless, Garnet comes in immeasurable colours, including green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, brown, black, and even transparent. 

The versatility of this stone has always enticed craftsmen, who have always shown great interest in it. For centuries, craftsmen have played with the stone to make mind-boggling jewellery pieces. But does everyone wear jewellery due to its unique colours? Certainly not. 

Some people firmly believe in the vibes and the healing properties of stones. So they invest a hefty amount in purchasing these alluring ornaments. Does Garnet cater to this niche? 

Healing Properties Of Garnet 

Garnet does cater to the needs of people who wear stones for physical reasons. In fact, it has numerous healing properties. 

To begin with, it cures people with depression and other mental illnesses. The stone stimulates the heart, which helps to cure this ailment. Besides this, garnet also helps to give strength and spirit to people. It elevates the mood and calms the body from within. 

The amazing healing properties do not end here. Above all, garnet is most used for self-awareness. It helps up build or solidify the relationship between people. So it is also perceived as the mediator between the two people. 

Aren’t you appalled to hear about the insane healing properties of this so-called fragile stone? This is just the beginning. Amid the healing properties, the benefits of the garnet stone take the cake. 

Benefits of the Garnet Stone 

Garnet is famous for bringing happiness and goodness to lives. Along with healing relationships, it also brings success in life. Overall, if you wear a garnet stone, you will not have to face major life problems again. 

Where are they found? 

There are several areas and nations where garnets are found. The dominant source of the garnets was Bohemia. 

Most of these stones used today comes from the African continent. Most of the vibrant green tsavorites on the market came from Kenya, Mozambique, and Madagascar. However, now, Namibia has begun yielding demantoids. Today, Namibia and Tanzania are the best places to find orange and yellow garnets.  

Among the other nations, you can find this gem in Pakistan, Srilanka, India, etc.  

Cleaning of Garnets 

If we weigh them on the Mohs hardness scale, garnet varieties vary from 6.5 to 7.5. This indicates that compared to diamonds, sapphires, and other gems, garnets are more prone to being damaged. 

However, not all garnets are suitable for everyday use, but they are perfect for necklaces, bracelets, and rings. But you must be extra careful with it as it can easily get scratched if rubbed with another stone. 

Even if you want to clean the stone, use a delicate brush with warm and soapy water. They can easily get damaged if you use heavy cleaners.

Get your own Garnet

You can easily dazzle your way around all the parties if you get your hands on some fantastic garnet collections. From classic drop earrings to breathtaking rings, you can easily choose your favourite and slay the party. 

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