Dressing The Vintage Style

Scrolling across the wedding albums of my parents, I was thrilled by the stunning beauty of a young bride in all her finery, showing it to my mama, she paused and gave a slightly crooked smile that appeared more genuine and with a gentle patted on my head asked me to hurry up with my preparation for the bride to be.

The picture was amazing that it continued to hold my fascination! Every ornament from the vintage jewellery was seen well paired with her overflowing dresses right from the nethi chutti or maang tikka (tikka), kunjalam (head ornament), vaddanam (waist belt) to the traditional necklaces, unfortunately in black and white photography.

I was so impressed with the look of these magnificent jewels that melodious notes began playing within me, inspiring me to design my outfit with the history behind the pieces of fine craftsmanship, the romance around the natural gemstone, and importantly, the gift from my mother.

To reconstruct my desire to add another wardrobe of these vintage-looking jewels, I started with my exploration. I wished to be adorned with the style of vintage pieces of jewels as my mother did a few years ago for my special day.                                            

Vintage jewellery is trendy for its uniqueness and created with an emphasis on design and craftsmanship remote that you’ll ever come across another piece exactly like it the way old gold glows. Today, it is seldom worn, in mainstream jewellery, due to its labor intensiveness and high manufacturing cost.

Our in-house jewellery stylist at C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers would be glad to go along with you during your in-house shopping, suggesting the right product, accessories, styling methods, mix and match, news of the latest fashion. Taking your opinion together prompting you to derive the best to enhance one’s radiance, confidence, and elegance.

We would like to share a few general tips with you on how to wear vintage jewellery and add elegance to your outfit.

1) Bracelets: If you prefer to wear long sleeves, your vintage bracelet is unreferred as they get hidden, preferably lookout on slim pieces that can go under the sleeves.

2) Vintage Rings: It is advisable to shift them to the left index finger, as these rings are not connected to any of the wedding vows and can help you show off your finger ring more. Let go of your ring finger if you must wear a wedding or engagement ring.

3) Necklace: Choose the right necklace length that sits flexibly well on your collar bone. Consider wearing a round-neck outfit for shorter pieces or a short neckline when wearing long necklaces.

4) Earrings: Pick the length, shape, and colourful gemstones that influence the look of your earrings. If you choose to wear vintage earwear, match them with your hairstyle, long and big earrings for short hair, or styled back, avoid other statement pieces that may distract the attention.

At C. Krishniah Chetty Group of Jewellers, we have an exclusive collection of vintage jewellery designed similar to definite eras of distinct styles. That is not only graceful but also allows the wearer to appreciate the fine detailing of highly skilled craftsman, who often create intricate and unique pieces, some as signature collections only for the jewel connoisseur.

Vintage jewellery is the hottest trend and is basically on fire, being more valuable because of intricate craftsmanship.

Wow! The Vintage jewellery is back in fashion, my dreams are true.

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